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Wellness Wednesday: My lifestyle

16 Dec

Who else watched the Biggest Loser Season Finale last night? I love that show so much and am so excited for the new season to start in three weeks.  I was quite sad that Patricks little boys weren’t there though, they are so cute!

In the spirit of having a Wellness Wednesday I thought I would talk about how I try to incorporate being healthy and fit into my every day life.  Yes my job is a general manager of a corporate fitness site and I am and have been a certified personal trainer for many years.  Right there most people would assume that I lead a very healthy lifestyle, which I try to most the time.  BUT I still party like a rockstar on the weekends and eat wayy too many cookies/brownies/ice cream  when I have the chance.  I have been asked before how I could possibly eat lucky charms if I am a trainer and the fact that I just started eating salads last year shocks many friends/clients.  The truth is I didn’t grow up eating ANY veggies, maybe the occasional corn or potato but for the most part my parents don’t like veggies so they never made them therefore none of their kids like them.  I am really trying hard to change this but its a slow change.

I try and eat 5 small meals a day (200-400 cals) so therefore I don’t over do it at any meals and I make sure to start my mornings off with some sort of protein/carb combo.  I really enjoy cooking but my work schedule doesn’t allow me to make exciting lunches so I try and have good dinners whenever possible, like tonight when I made this delicious turkey burger with feta cheese, sweet potato niblets (a sweet potato cut into pieces and cooked on the stove top in olive oil, I’m OBSESSED) and some corn. (I am not trying to be a food blogger here but this is what it looked like).

In terms of exercise I love doing different things, and have recently gotten back into running.  I ran track and cross country in grade school and high school but only occasionally since then.  I did the Hot Chocolate 5k in November as my first race in over 4 years and ran a 24:55.  I have decided to try and work up to a half marathon and if I like it I will try the Chicago marathon next October (we’ll see…).  My workouts vary between running, elliptical and circuit strength training, for example today I did 5 min walking @ incline 5.0 then 5 miles (44:45 min) with varying speeds from 6.0-7.6 changing it up every .25 miles then 5 min walking @ incline 5.0 to end.

So thats my healthy life in a nutshell.  Any advice for increasing my veggie intake or learning to like them would be awesome!!

Team Ada

14 Dec

Who else is excited for the biggest loser season finale tonight?? Me me me!! I love that show, honestly my favorite! I dream to be Jillian one day…I should probably keep on dreaming! I am SO team Ada!!

This past weekend we had 15 people staying at our 4 bedroom apartment..It was madness! But really fun, we all went out for TBOX on Saturday (12 bars of Xmas in Wrigleyville). Pictures to come in a picture post later!

Right now I am trying to decide if I should attempt to do my first 1/2 marathon in my hometown of Springfield on April 2nd Pros: I can sleep in my own bed Cons: Its a really hilly hard course OR in Champaign where I went to school on April 30th Pros: very flat easy course Cons: trying to find somewhere to stay that I can get a decent nights sleep before on campus.  Any opinions would be awesome!

I am also trying to decide what I should have my brother get me for Christmas (think ugg boot price range…) Any ideas? I am so bad at thinking of stuff this year!

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

9 Dec

Thank god Wednesday is almost over! For me Wednesday night is one of my late nights at work so once I am done with it I am SO happy, then Thursday and Friday’s I am done at 3 and those days always go by so quickly! Since its still freeeezing outside I thought I would share some Christmas decoration pictures

Our Beautiful Christmas Tree!! My roomate bought a fake one today and decorated it tonight.. so pretty!

And pictures from my home! My mom loves her Christmas decorations and has an out of control snowman collection, I think there are over 100!

So that is my Christmas so far in time to buy some presents 🙂

Besides getting in a festive mood I had a crazy boring day at work.. downside of being a personal trainer is some days EVERYONE cancels and then you are quite bored all day.. on the bright side I ran 5 miles on the treadmill for the first time in a while.. I hate the treadmill but I think I need to learn to love it.

Happy Hump Day!

We are the champions

5 Dec

The flippy cup tourney was a fantastic success.. WE WON! It was so fun and the money went to a charity so  much better than just drinking for the fun of it.  And we beat our guy friends/boyfriends in the semi-finals so that was awesome.

Besides becoming a pro-flippy cupper this weekend was  a lot of fun.  Friday night my roommates, boyfriend and I met up with some other friends at Papacitos, a byob mexican place in Lincoln Park.  It was DELICIOUS.  I got the special which was a pinto bean taco, a chicken quesidilla with a side of rice and beans.  With lots of coronas of course.  We then went to schoolyard, an Illini bar by my house and hung out there for a few hours but I was falling asleep at the bar so went home early.

Saturday morning I woke up super early, the problem with working at 6 am three days a week is that it’s SO hard to sleep in on the weekends.  The boyfriend and I watched some sports until I got too bored and decided I would rather workout.  It was wayy too cold to do go running (even though I just got a Garmin 305 and really want to try it out!) so instead I did an insanity workout, max intervals = exhausting! Then it was flippy cup time!

Great weekend so far and I am finishing it up by going to see Legally Blonde the musical with all of my boyfriends sisters/mom/aunts/cousins.  He’ll be at home watching football with his dad.

Corona =sleepy smash

The beginning

3 Dec

Welcome to my life blog world! I decided instead of just stalking reading other people blogs all day long I should finally create my own!

Originally from Springfield, I currently reside in Chi-town where I spend most of my days working as a General Manager for a corporate fitness company and the rest of my day working out/training/eating/watching biggest loser and one tree hill.

On the weekends I try and pretend like I didn’t graduate and like to go out and explore the billions of Chicago bars, like this weekend when I will be participating in the “We give a flip about the kids” flippy cup tournament, I may not be able to drink a lot but I am a MASTER of flippy cup, just ask my boyfriend, the night we met I defeated an entire party in survivor flippy cup, proudest moment ever.


I hope you enjoy the blog!