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Train me?

28 Jan

One more day until the weekend..whoo hoo! So ready for this weekend to come work seemed to go by slooow and even though I love my job the weekends are always a beautiful treat.

Important things that happened since Tuesday is that I am for sure going to Vegas with my mom, dad, sister and brother over St. Patricks day weekend.  My family LOVES Vegas.  My dad takes us once we turn 21 and I went with him and my sister last year and it was so so much fun.  So I am going to start a countdown until March 16th! Now to try and find airline tickets that aren’t ridiculous.. so far I cant find anything under $ 😦

In running news my best friend Steven sent out a huge email chain to all of our friends to get a group of people to run the Chicago Rock and Roll half in August so I will be adding that onto my race plans, it would be so fun to do it with all my college friends! And I have registered for the Champaign Half Marathon so I will be officially racing my first half on April 30th (PS I can never spell officially right, ever, I always type officialy and then can’t figure out how to fix it, what a dummy).

So in the spirit of racing I have decide to share my training schedule because I would love some feedback! I plan on trying to run 4 days a week and then taking every Sunday as a rest day and Wednesday and Fridays as cross training/strength days.  I couldn’t figure out a good way to post this so I will just write the miles out and totals.  Any speed days I plan on doing at least 1 mile warm up and .5 mile cooldown

  • Week 1:3 easy, 3.5 tempo (+1.5), 5 easy,8 long=21 miles
  • Week 2:3.5 easy, 6 x 400, 3 pace (+1.5), 9 long=21 miles
  • Week 3: 3.5 easy, 4.5 tempo, 4 pace (+1), 10 long =22 miles
  • Week 4:3.5 easy, 4×800, 5.5 easy, 8 long =21.5 miles
  • Week 5: 4 easy,7 x 400, 3.5 tempo (+1.5), 8 long =21.5 miles
  • Week 6: 6 miles, 11 miles (going to be in Vegas this week) =17 miles
  • Week 7: 4 easy, 8 x 400, 3 miles pace (+1), 13 miles= 25.5 miles
  • Week 8:3 easy,5 x 800,35 min tempo, 11 long
  • Week 9: 4 easy, 9 x 400,3.5 tempo (+1.5), 10 miles long =23.5 miles
  • Week 10:3 easy, 3 pace (+1.5), 4 tempo (+1.5), 14 long = 27 miles
  • Week 11:5 easy, 10 x 400, 3 pace (+1.5), 5 easy= 19 miles
  • Week 12: 4 easy,30 min tempo, 20 minutes easy, RACE

So any thoughts? I tried to color code to make it easier to read, hopefully it did! The only thing I am worried about is that my week day miles are shorter (3-5.5 for the most part), will it be too hard to run long when I am not doing more then 5.5 during the week? I just want to avoid running TOO much because I have issues with my left shin it likes to pretend like its going to get shin splints all the time and the more I run the more it gets angry with me-any advice how to fix that would be awesome as well.

And on that note I am retiring to my bed for the evening- It’s almost Jersey Shore time!!

Four Thing Thursday

28 Jan

Jeri tagged me in a 4 things post, so exciting I feel like a real blogger now!! So here goes..

1. Four TV shows that I watch

  • One Tree Hill
  • Biggest Loser
  • Jersey Shore- We are Obsessed at my apt!
  • Parenthood

2. Four Things that I’m passionate about

  • Fitness
  • My family (oh heyy mom!)
  • Desserts (is that weird?)
  • Cooking/baking

3. Four words/phrases I use a lot

  • Oh Shoooot!
  • Your a clown (my boyfriends a clown, for real, bozo, love you seany 😉 )
  • Whoooo Hooooo
  • Whooo hooooo again.. I literally say it all the time

4. Four things I’ve learned in the past

  • Bartending makes your legs sore (random right? who knew)
  • Friends will come and go but your family is always there
  • Sometimes you find a great boy when you aren’t even looking
  • Living in an apartment in Chicago can be cheaper then Champaign! And its awesome!

5. Four places I would like to go

  • Paris
  • China
  • California
  • My honeymoon-cuz who knows where that will be!

6. Four things I did yesterday

  • Worked 9 hours
  • Tried unsuccessfully to fix our internet
  • Tried to use BBQ sauce as my salad dressing-miserable fail
  • Ate peanut butter crunch

7. Four things I’m looking forward to

  • VEGAS!! (St. Patty’s day weekend)
  • Half Marathon in Champaign
  • The weekend
  • SUMMER-I’m sick of this snow

8. Four things I love about winter (disclaimer.. I HATE WINTER..but for the sake of the survey)

  • Justifying drinking 7 11 Hot Chocolates
  • Making Snowmen
  • Christmas and this year going to Florida
  • Hanging out with my family over the holidays

9. Tag people to play along- Ok this really said 4 people but since I am so new at this I am just going to tag two!



Happy Thursday! Go check out my other post about my half marathon schedule and give me advice..PLEASE

Tiring Tuesday

26 Jan

So far this week hasn’t been too remarkable.  Yesterday I work 10-7 and ran an easy 3 miles (28:00) and then today my training plan had a 4 mile tempo run on it.  I decided to run outside since its warmed up here (a whole 30 degrees!).  Mile break downs according to the trusty Garmin were 8:30, 7:45, 8:15, and 9:13.  Not exactly what I wanted to do (easy 1st mile, hard last three) but where in the world did that 7:45 come from?? My legs were DEAD after.

The rest of the week is just full of work work and more work.  Hopefully it will go by quickly! I am going to spend the weekend at Sean’s house in the burbs so I am looking forward to that relaxation.  I am also planning on posting my half marathon training schedule tomorrow or Thursday so if any one has any feedback on it please let me know!

Happy Tuesday I am off to enjoy the rest of Biggest Loser! Any one else watching this season??

No more football :(

24 Jan

Ahh and just like that football season has ended 😦 Rough loss today bears, even though I am sure jeri is happy.  I went to a bar by my apartment called Mystic Celt to watch the game with a bunch of friends.  It was really fun even though we ended up losing! I have no desire to even watch the super bowl now but I am sure I still will.

With that I am going to call it a weekend.  Can’t wait to watch the new Kim and Kourtney take New York tonight, they are just so amusing.  Here are some pictures to brighten your Sunday night!

We ordered 20 mini cheeseburgers for the table..they were $1 each!

And the sad crowd after the loss… 


7 miles and No Strings Attached

22 Jan

Whoo hoo I did it! For the first time since high school I successfully completed 7 miles! My roomate decided to join the XSport by our house on Wednesday night so I went with her and they gave me a free one week guest pass.  So today we went over there around noon, the goal was to try and do 7 and it was a success.  I was really worried about how it would feel because my “easy” three on Thursday night almost killed me (I think I was still recovering from the flu) but this run felt great, I ran most of it at 6.6 (9:05 mi) and then increased it up to 7.3 for the last mile.

The stupid treadmill kept going into cool down mode after one hour so that’s why the time is from my watch.  7.03 in 1:04:15.

Weekly Workouts panned out as:

  • Monday: 4.5 miles (3 tempo)
  • Tuesday: Sick
  • Wednesday: Sick
  • Thursday: 3 miles easy at 28:00
  • Friday: 10 min elliptical 40 min run walking intervals (~2 miles running)
  • Saturday: 7 miles 1:04.15

Weekly milage total: 16.5, goal was 19 but for having the flu I’ll take it!

Besides working out/running last night I went to happy hour with my “coworkers.” Since I run a very small fitness center I am the only one who works there but there are a bunch of other centers that our company manages right near me and the other girl that run those centers are so fun! Afterwards I met up with my bf Sean and we went to a restuarant called Hot Chocolate. It was a little too trendy for us but quite yummy.  Afterwards we saw “No Strings Attached” with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, SO FUNNY.  We both loved it, it was seriously awesome.

Plans for tonight include going out around Wrigleyville, always a good time.  Then tomorrow its BEARS TIME! I really hope they win even though I hate Jay Cutler.  Any non-Chicago Bears supporters out there?

Happy Saturday 🙂

Sick Day

18 Jan


Hello fellow bloggers (or the 2 of you who have read this), I know I have been doing a terrible job of blogging but I have rededicated myself for the new year so I will be much more regular now!

I am home sick today from work, waking up and getting sick from 12 am-5am is miserable, but hopefully it is only a 24 hour bug, until then I am laying in my bed trying to move as little as possible.  If someone would like to deliver me a gatorade or smoothie I would really like you 😉

Big plans for the new year include signing up for and running the Champaign 1/2 marathon! It will be my first race of my life over 6 miles so I am getting excited to start training! I wrote out a 12 week training schedule but it won’t start until February, right now I am just trying to build a base, so far longest run was 6.5 (1:01.30) last weekend.  The goal is to run it in in 1:50 so I am trying to figure out pacing and such for all my runs still, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I have also been blogging for my company blog so check me out over there! Until next time (which I promise will not be a month from now) here are some pictures of what I was up too over the holidays.

My family on Christmas Eve

My sister and Lydia (my brother girlfriend)

Boyfriend Sean and I on new years eve in Florida

The whole crowd at new years eve