I ate a veggie..and I liked it!

9 Feb

Happy Hump Day! Wednesday nights are great..because now I only have 2 days of work this week and I get done at 3 both days so I feel like I have so much more time to do things.  Tomorrow I need to go grocery shopping and clean our house!

Yesterday I went over to my aunt’s house for dinner.  My aunt lives less than a mile from me but for some reason we never seem to hang out! She suggested trying to do dinner once a month so we finally had our first one this week.  I’ve mentioned before that I am not a big veggie fan.. unless they are in soup I don’t eat too many of them (besides sweet potatoes).  I think I just need to learn how to cook them..enter dinner at the aunts.  She made a delicious stir fry full of veggies, topped with some peanut sauce, and with some chicken.  It was DELICIOUS and I was shocked that I liked it.  Maybe I can learn to like veggies after all.  We also had beer bread *yummmm* and homemade sweet potato fries.  For dessert we had a bunch of fresh berries with whip cream.  It was all soo good I was in heaven.

I was feeling lazy yesterday and I didn’t feel well so I decided not to work out..whoops.  I did shovel snow for 45 minutes so that counts right? Today I decided I still wasn’t feeling running so I did 30 min on the elliptical then 20 min strength circuit that looked like this

  • Bicep curls to shoulder presses (9 lbs x 12)
  • Bench Press (45 lbs x 12)
  • Back Rows (5 lbs x 12/arm)
  • Tricep Pull downs on cable machine (40 lbs x 12)
  • Side to side band walks (12 steps/side)
  • Squat Jumps x12
  • Back lunges to single leg deadlifts (x12/leg)
  • Stability Ball Crunches x 20
  • Core rotations on cable machine (30 lbs x 12/side)

I did that circuit 3 times and it was a really good total body workout.  It kept my heart rate up while working all different muscle groups.  Finished up with 5 minutes on the bike.

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel like running again..this weekend I am meeting up with one of my friends from college for my long run so I am super excited for that!

I am trying to decide what to make for dinner tomorrow night and make my grocery list..

Any suggestions???


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