Nuggets, Fishies and Tiffanys

15 Feb

Happy belated Valentines day everyone! I had an action packed weekend so this post may be a little lengthy.

First of All..Workouts!

I ended up cross training Friday and then only running 4.2 on Saturday.  My running meet up fell through so that was really disappointing but I figured lower mileage would help the random achilles pain. I ended the week with 13.7 miles..not what I wanted but oh well.

Then took both Sunday and yesterday off and did 400 repeats today on the treadmill.  Looked like this: 2 mile warm up @6.2-6.5 then 4 x .25 mi @ 8.5 (7:05 pace) with .25 @ 6.0 (10 min pace) in between then 1 cooldown mile @ 6.2.  Overall a solid workout..I still had some pains but it just seems like more tightness then anything.  I am just going to try and run 3 days this week and see if that helps.

So Friday night I went out to Sean’s house in the ‘burbs and we went out to dinner with his parents. Then Saturday was the big babysitting experience.  Awhile back Sean volunteered us to babysit his 7 and 4 year old cousins overnight because he thought it would be fun..and it was! Their whole family calls the boys the nuggets, so we went and picked the nuggets up around noon.  First stop: Mcdonalds. The way to a kids heart right? Then we took them into the city to the Shedd Aquarium.  We had to wait outside for over an hour because apparently it was corporate family appreciation day so it was PACKED..but luckily that also meant that through Sean’s company we got in for free!

We spent a few hours there seeing all the fishies, sharks, whales and seals and then drove back to Sean’s house for a pizza dinner followed up with ice cream and lots of movie watching.  The boys had a great time but unfortunately for their parents we let them stay up WAYY too late so I am sure they were a handful on Sunday.  I took tons of cute pictures I wanted to share but I don’t have a cord for Sean’s camera so maybe someday!

And then Sunday we just hung out all day and went to see “Just Go With It”.  It was actually really cute..better then the reviews said.  Way to go Adam Sandler!

We also exchanged Valentines Day gifts on Sunday..I was kind of being a brat because we didn’t really have any plans to do anything special but then Sean handed me this box and I was happy again 🙂

It was a pair of beautiful silver bead earrings, I love them! Last year he got me a necklace from Tiffany’s that has a small cursive A on it that I wear everyday.  And then tonight we are going out to dinner at Tavern on Rush to celebrate more.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the delicious desserts my roomates and I had last night to celebrate our roomie valentines day yum!


Delicious Sweet Mandy B's cheesecakes

Chocolate Covered Strawberries..YUM

What delicious treats did you enjoy yesterday?


One Response to “Nuggets, Fishies and Tiffanys”

  1. Mom February 15, 2011 at 7:51 pm #

    Must have those treats, must have those treats, must have those treats yummmmmmm’ Can’t wait til it is warm again and I can head to Chicago!!

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