Mood Busters

21 Feb

Today was just another Monday and I could not for the life of me be in a good mood.  I got plenty of sleep but still was so tired and cranky all day.  I think it was a combination of having a fun weekend at home with my family then having to leave, coming home to so much unpacking and cleaning, having to get up and go to the slowest work day ever AND my garmin has gone missing.. I can’t find it anywhere which mean’s it has to be at my house in Springfield but no one there can find it either 😦

Instead of whining I’ve come up with a list of mood busters..but first training update!

Workouts: After a great 8 miler with my sister I ended official week 2 of Half Marathon training with 20 miles.  Not bad for only running 3 days.  I also did 2 days of cross training with elliptical and weights, as well as a long walk on Sunday.

Today I was supposed to run 3.5 easy with weights so I did one mile, 10 min upper body weights, 1 mile, 10 min of core, and then my shins were feeling really tight so I did a mile on the elliptical and 10 min of leg work.

Smash’s sure-fired way to improve your mood:

  1. Take a walk.  Sometimes just getting some fresh air, or leaving the place you at helps a lot to relieve some tension and relax.
  2. Hang out with someone who makes you happy.  If you have a friend or family member who normally makes you happier and you can talk to then go see them ASAP.
  3. WORKOUT.  This one is huge for me, sometimes when I am really angry or sad or lethargic all I need to do is get a good workout in and my mood improves drastically (*also works with hangovers*).
  4. Get busy. Sometimes when you are in a bad mood and you have nothing to do it gets worse because you just think about it and sulk. Trying to distract yourself with something else will help you forget what you were sulking over in the first place.
  5. Cook: This may not work for everyone but I always enjoy baking something or making a big meal when I am feeling cranky.  Not so much for the eating aspect of it but I find baking relaxing.
  6. Watch your favorite movie or listen to your favorite songs.
  7. If all else fails..find some candy 🙂 That sugar rush can’t hurt.

So today I

  1. &2. Walked over to Sean’s building and had lunch with him, got some fresh air and hung out with someone who makes me happy.  Plus he gave me carmel corn and cookies so that helps with number 7 as well
  2. See above..lunch dates with boyfriend = happiness
  3. Did a great running/weight workout and felt 1 million times better after..then remembered my garmin was still missing
  4. I tried my best to be productive at work
  5. I made my favorite salad when I got home.. chopped lettuce, strawberries, apples, feta and poppyseed dressing
  6. I listened to my ipod the whole train ride home. I normally forget to do this because I am too busy catching up on blogs and now I am going to watch Across the Universe as I fall asleep.  It is my go to bad mood movie.. Junior year of college I had a rough first semester and I literally fell asleep to this movie every night for a month
  7. I found the Valentines day treat bag my mom gave me and ate mass amounts of swedish fish and a fun size snickers and twix.

Now if only someone finds my watch I will be such a happy Smash.

What do you do to help improve your bad mood days?

Have you ever used a Nike Plus? What do you think of it?

-I have one that I am going to use until my garmin is found


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