But What Was I Thinking?

26 Feb

Last week I described my long run through pictures and numbers so this week I thought I would describe it with my random thoughts during the run.  First of all I got these beautiful babies in the mail yesterday

They are the same model as the one’s I have been running in (Asics 2150) but I decided my shoes were getting worn down and possibly the reason for my shin pain so I ordered these from runners warehouse for $54.00!! I was pumped about the price..and they match my bed spread!

And now for my random thoughts..I used the mapmyrun app on my phone because I am still garmin-less so that’s what the random mile markers and times are from..I only looked at it every once in awhile

  • First 2 miles..”hmm I am enjoying letting this random guy pace me and running exactly two steps behind him..hope he doesn’t mind”
  • 2.9 mile: First look at the watch and it said 25:00..oops going a little fast
  • 34 min mark..”running in the snow is really hard..I don’t wanna do this anymore”
  • 40 min: 4.5 mile mark..stopped and stretched and felt renewed “half way..I got this”
  • 50 min mark “So much snow..in my nose..not cool”
  • 1 hour “hmm I am REALLY thirsty..I should start learning to bring water with me”
  • 1:05: “I am really glad I picked a route where I would get to stop at stop lights on the way back”
  • 1:07: “What the what why are all these stop lights GREEN!”
  • 1:12: “8 miles..oops where did my Nike + go? Good thing I turned it off halfway through because I didn’t want to know what mile I was at..and now its gone missing”
  • 1:18: “Really I have to run past my house to finish this? 3 more minutes 3 more minutes”
  • 1:21:00: 9 miles in exactly 1:21..I guess I’ve got this nine minute pace down!

And that is what I was thinking! Overall a much harder feeling run then last week’s because the snow was really hard to run in.  My shins felt fine though so hopefully these new shoes are the magical trick I needed.  RIP Nike +.. you were fun for the 3 days I used you.  Good think my garmin is  getting returned to me tonight 🙂

How was your Saturday workout? Any plans for tonight?

-I am going to be a lazy slug the rest of the day then going out tonight!

First time drinking in two weeks..should be sufficiently tipsy after one drink.

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