1 Mar

Last night was the Lady GaGa Concert!! It was different then any other concert I have ever been too..shes CRAZYY!

I went with my boyfriend Sean…

And my brother and his girlfriend…

We went out to a delish dinner at Mystic Celt beforehand and then it was on to the United Center for the Concert!

Lydeah and I thought we were being edgy with our GaGa outfits..

But we were dressed TAME compared to most people..there were people in wigs, full costumes, crazy hair and make up.. it was like Halloween!!

GaGa is one crazy chick.. I was tweeting all the weird stuff she was saying so I could remember it

“Its raining unicorns and gay teddy bears” -Lady GaGa as she ripped off a barbies head with her teeth!

“I hate the truth, in fact I prefer a giant dose of Bullshit!” -GaGa..she also claims she hates money..why were the tickets so expensive then?!

“I’ll never waste your time watching a bitch lip sing her way through a show”

And while some of the stuff she did was so crazy and weird she is just so musically talented you have to admire her.  I would definitely recommend the concert to anyone!!

Glad you could come broski!

*Sorry for the bad concert pics..we were sitting up at the very top!

3 Responses to “GAGA OO LA LA”

  1. the dawn March 2, 2011 at 3:47 pm #

    wow. i can’t even imagine how crazy her show would have been. seriously. my husband found a you tube clip of her doing some acoustic stuff with just a piano and she has some serious talent. and then she’s able to still rock it out with the whole “show” of it al…

    so jealous!


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