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5 Fabulous Bloggers

31 May

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Although I am still somewhat new to the blogging community I would like to take this opportunity to share with you 5 bloggers that I read on a daily basis and think are just fabulous.  While they all may be considered “healthy living bloggers” they are all unique and entertaining in their own way. I define fabulous in the blogging world as someone who manages to inspire, entertain, and make me laugh all at once.

1. Rachel Wilkerson of I have been reading Rachel’s blog for almost two years now and find her absolutely hysterical.  While she does like to share healthy recipes and exercise ideas, she also shares real life tips, like when it is acceptable to have Mcdonald’s breakfast.  She puts a witty spin on just about every topic imaginable and I always laugh out loud at her “rules” to live by.

2. Clare from Fitting It All In: I love reading Clare’s blog because she is so similar to me! We are the same age, graduated from college a little over one year ago, both like to go out and be social while still trying to live a healthy lifestyle.  She is much better at it then I am, she even works out when going back to her old college! Clare’s blog is one that really inspires me to fit exercise and healthy living into my crazy social schedule.

3. The Angry Runner: Now I am sure the angry runner would be appalled to know someone is calling her fabulous but I think her blog really is, quite fabulous.  It is one I have read since the beginning of my blog reading days and I will continue to for her straight forward, no bs attitude.  While she may be angry, the mysterious angry runner is also an amazing athlete.  Her running times are something I can only dream of and she posts very helpful information about training and running recovery.

4. Janae from The Hungry Runner Girl: Janae’s blog is I am sure one of the most popular within the exercise blogging community.  Not only is she an amazingly fast runner she loves to blog about all the desserts and ice cream she eats reminding us that it is all about balance.  Even when she is injured and can’t run she still inspires her readers to be the best they can be no matter what type of exercise they are enjoying.

5.  Amy from Second City Randomness: I love Amy’s blog because she lives in Chicago, like me! I love reading about other people’s adventures in Chi-town and hearing about all the fun things there are to do here.  She is also very funny and always has creative posts about her healthy life.

While there are a billion amazing bloggers out there in all different categories these are the 5 that I think are just FABULOUS!

I hope that one day someone will find my blog to be fabulous as well 🙂


Don’t forget to enter the 50 Fabulous Wishes contest for a chance to win $1,000 to celebrate a friend with a refreshing attitude about looking and feeling fabulous. I was selected for this Tropicana Trop50 sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do. I received compensation to use and facilitate my post.

How to Have a Successful 3 Day Weekend

29 May

Step Number One: Start early.  I started my 3 day weekend off with the Bulls game Thursday night. Sadly it was a heartbreaking loss but still fun to go out and do something on a Thursday night.

Step 2: Go to Happy Hour and stay out until 11:30 on Friday night.  Proceed to sleep on and off all day on Saturday nursing hangover from Friday happy hour.

Step 3: Have a low key Saturday night complete with going out to chinese food, then going to see bridesmaids.  Remember to purchase candy before going to the movie theater and sneak it inside in your purse

Step 4: Make delicious snickerdoodle cookies following this recipe.  At 10 pm at night.

Step 5: Go for your longest run post half marathon- 4 miles. Almost one month since the half and I am just now getting some real distances in, hopefully I am able to ramp this up pretty quickly (but not TOO quickly).

Step 6: Enjoy a graduation celebration for your boyfriend’s sister.  Congrats Bridget!

Step 7: Go out for country night at the most popular Sunday night bar in the area: Houndstooth!

And then continue on with a cubs rooftop game on Monday! I will be back later tomorrow to share the rest of my great weekend.  I hope you are enjoying your memorial day weekend as well!

Three Thing Thursday: TV Edition

26 May

A quick congrats to my cousin Caitlin who got engaged yesterday!! Ahh so excited for her.

Workouts: I finally got over my sickness and decided to workout.  Yesterday I ran 3 miles on the treadmill (ranging from 6.0-7.0) and walked another 3/4 a mile on an incline of 8%. Today I only had a half hour to work out so I walked a little bit to warm up then ran 2.5 miles.  Two days of running in a row and no real pains, this is good news folks!

Did I mention I am running a 5k next weekend? I was originally signed up for the 10k but dropped down.  This probably won’t be a great race but I am excited to run in a race again and work on my race anxiety.


There have been some exciting season finales this week so I thought I would make this 3 Thing Thursday the TV edition


1. Biggest Loser Season Finale: OMGEE Olivia and Hannah are so tiny! It is amazing how much weight these people lose. I am convinced that before the finale they probably don’t eat and dehydrate themselves because they usually end up gaining 10-15 lbs back right away but thats still so skinny because they are tall! I am so mad that Anna Kornawhats-her-name is going to be the newest trainer. She’s not even certified, hire me instead!


2.   American Idol Season Finale: I love love love Scotty and am so happy he won! I can’t wait to go see him in concert.  He was better than Tim McGraw last night. And what is with him and Lauren..are they dating?

3. The Bachelorette: I am not really a big fan of the bachelorette but I watched part of this one . It is SO awkward when they do the introductions.  I love the guy who got so drunk he passed out, I mean really dude what are you doing?

And now I am off to hope that the bulls are going to be able to make a come back.  Im going to the game!

What do you think of the tv finales this week?

Workout Wednesday: 101 edition

25 May

Yesterday was my 100th post! I didn’t realize it then so today I am making Workout Wednesday a number’s workout, 101 reps! By the time you repeat it three times it will actually be 303 but whose counting.

5 min cardio warm up

Repeat 3 times for 303 reps!
What is your Workout Today?

Training Plan

24 May

I randomly had so many viewers today..hello new blog friends!

I haven’t had anything exciting to blog about today because I have been feeling sick 😦 I didn’t feel well Sunday night, took a sick day from work yesterday then came home from work today and slept for 2 hours.  I think I just have some sort of bug and I hope it goes away soon.  I have had no desire to work out the past two days so hopefully I am feeling up to it tomorrow.


So with a lack of anything exciting to post today I have decided to post my new training schedule for my 2nd half marathon! I am signed up for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Chicago on August 14th.

The plan consists of 4 days of running per week.  This is what works best for my body in terms of not getting injured, there is no way I can run more than 4 days.  I really want to focus on speed so I am doing one speed/race pace workout a week and one tempo run.  My goal pace for the race is going to be 8:30-8:45 so my “speed” work will just be helping me to hone in on this pace or faster than it so by the time I get to my longer runs close to race pace it will feel easier.

I plan on doing one long run from 6-12 miles a week and one easy recovery run.  I am hoping once I get my mileage back up (I have been nursing a hip injury since my last half..first week back to running was last week with 4x of running 1-2 miles) it will be easy for me to get right back into the 10 mile runs but we’ll see how that goes.

I also plan on doing 2x of cross training (elliptical/bike/strength).  I really want to focus on stretching well after all of my runs so I don’t run into the tightness that I had at the end of my last training schedule.

My biggest question is should I do a recovery run after my long run? Or do it on Monday’s?

Should I try and do a 14 mile run?

What do you think of doing a tempo day and a speed day each week..overkill or just right?

If you are an experienced runner please help me out!

Graduation Weekend

23 May

Nope not my graduation weekend..I am too old 😦 This past weekend was my little brothers graduation from high school! Only one more little ralphie left to graduate from high school.

The whole family post graduation

Me and the graduate

Post graduation I helped my mom prepare a feast of pulled pork and italian beef, fruit, chips and dips

And then Sean and I dominated in bags. I think we were 6 for 7 by the end of the party

I had another great weekend at home with my family but I am excited to have a full weekend without any traveling, driving 3.5 hours both ways is rough two weekends in a row.


On the workout front I did a good job of sticking to my PT schedule last week.  It ended up looking like this

  • Monday: 2 miles + elliptical and walking on incline
  • Tuesday: Elliptical and weights
  • Wednesday: 1 mile, stair master, elliptical and abs
  • Thursday: 2 miles outside
  • Friday: elliptical, stairs and leg work
  • Saturday: 1 hour long bike ride and 2 miles outside
Total: 7 miles
This week is technically the first week of my next half marathon training schedule.  I am going to post it sometime tomorrow so if you are a runner and have opinions about these things please stop by then!
Have you celebrated any graduations this grad season?
-So far just my brothers but I think I am attending Sean’s sisters next weekend
How far is does your family live from you?
3.5 hours is close enough that I can go whenever to visit but just far enough that its a journey

Three Thing Thursday

19 May

Workout: Two more workouts with running involved #yayzies! Yesterday I was going to run 2 miles but I brought the wrong shoes so I did a hodge podge of cardio and one mile of running.  Today I ran two glorious miles outside (18:20).  I can’t wait until I am approved to run more then two miles at a time, I don’t like having to do other cardio to make my workouts longer than 20 minutes.  I am doing my PT exercises every day so hopefully at the end of this two weeks I will be good to go.


I just got back from seeing an awesome condo that my boyfriend *might* put an offer on. The dreams of puppies have already begun (I want one so bad but can’t have one at my apartment..this place is dog friendly AND has a backyard). I need to pack because I am going home to Springfield again tomorrow for my little brothers graduation and it’s only an hour until my bed this post will be quick.  My three things are 3 of my pictures from college because I have really been missing my friends and college life lately 😦 Its officially been one year since I graduated and the real world is great and all, I just wish I had more friends who lived closer to me.

My Roomates from Junior Year.  I met these girls at the end of my freshman year and then we all lived together Junior year.  So much fun and I miss them all!

Our spring break crew junior year.  My friend maggie and I went with six of our guy friends and it was the best week ever.

My three best guy friends, Maggie and me and my halloween party senior year.  These boys are absolutely hilarious and will always be three of my closest friends.

Do you ever get sad and miss your college friends/life?

-Being a grown up and all has its perks but sometimes I just wish I could go back to living at U of I with everyone