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Workout Wednesday

18 May

Welcome to another addition of Workout Wednesday! Have you checked out my page? I categorized all the workouts with a descriptive name so if you are looking for something in particular check it out.

Today’s Workout is called Total Cardio. With only being able to run limited distances right now I am having to utilize the other cardio machines in my gym to get in a full hour of cardio.  Here is an example of how you can do the same!

1st 20 minutes: Elliptical

  • Min: 1-4 Resistance 4
  • Min 4-6: Resistance 6
  • Min 6-8: Restistance 8
  • Min 8-10: Resistance 10
  • Min 10-12: Resistance 11
  • Min 12-14: Resistance 9
  • Min 14-16: Resistance 7
  • Min 16-18: Resistance 9
  • Min 18-20: Resistance 10
Your speed (if your elliptical says it) should be between 140-170 the whole time, faster if you can.  The higher the resistance the slower you can go but try and keep it above 140.
2nd 20 minutes: Treadmill
  • Min 1-5: Walk 4.0 Incline 6%
  • Min 5-8: Run 6.3
  • Min 8-10: Run 6.8
  • Min 10-13: Walk 4.0 Incline 8%
  • Min 13-15: Walk 4.0 Incline 6%
  • Min 15-18: Run 6.8
  • Min 18-20: Walk 4.0 Incline 6%
Last 20 minutes: Bike/Stair Stepper/Jump Rope/Burpees/Step ups
  • Find a resistance that is difficult but maintainable for you and alternate one minute hard/fast as you can, one minute easy keeping your resistance constant.  If you chose to Jump Rope or do Burpees do one minute on one minute off, or step ups vary your stepping speed every minute.
I guarentee if you follow this workout exactly you will be a hot sweaty mess by the end of it.  Always adjust your speeds/resistance/inclines to your fitness level and heart rate zones.
What is your Wednesday Workout?
-I’ve got 2 more miles with some incline walking and elliptical in my future today

Birthday Treats and Running Plans

17 May

Thank you for all the happy birthday wishes yesterday! Turning 23 wasn’t the most exciting thing but I still had a really nice birthday.  I have decided that I will always take my birthday off work from now on, I was not feeling it yesterday.  I did continue to get treats today though so I think I will declare this whole week a celebration.

I got some pretty great gifts including a laptop case for my new computer (from my parents), a bike from my boyfriend (I bought him a matching one for his birthday because were nerdy awesome like that) and a dress and necklace from my boyfriend’s sisters!

Vera Bradley Lap Top Case

My awesome new bike (don’t mind my clothes drying)

Super cute dress and necklace from Forever 21

I also got some delicious treats from one of my clients (and 2 gift cards..she’s awesome), and my mom made my favorite dessert strawberry shortcake yummmm.

Crumbs cupcake and freshly baked chocolate chip cookie

Strawberry Shortcake deliciousness

In other actual workout news since I do like to attempt to make this a #fitblog, I ran yesterday! 2 whole miles.  It was the first time since the half marathon and my PT told me I was only allowed to do 1-2 miles every other day for the next 2 weeks. It went really well, no pain.  I am going to do all of my PT exercises religiously for the next two weeks and then hopefully increase my mileage from there.  My next half marathon training schedule is supposed to start next week!

Any advice on going from 2 weeks of very low mileage into half training? 

-I know the 10% rule but I am hoping I can increase from 8 miles a week up to 12-14 without any issues..good or bad idea?

What is your favorite birthday treat?

Go Shorty It’s Your Birthday

16 May

Were gonna party like its your birthday..were gonna sip bacardi like its your birthday..Oh wait.  Today is my 23rd birthday 🙂 Sadly I will spend the day working but I do have a hot dinner date tonight with my boyfriend and was able to have a really nice birthday dinner with my family last night.

22 was a great year.. I did a lot of new things!

Time for work..My birthday present to myself is to run 2 whole miles for the first time in over 2 weeks..hopefully it goes well!

Celebrating a Wedding

15 May

After watching everyone else run yesterday it was time to celebrate a wedding! My whole family attended our family friends wedding, my brother and is actually dating one of their daughters now.  It was a beautiful wedding and reception so I thought I would share some pictures.

The bride and groom leaving the wedding

My sisters and I

my parents thinking they were going to prom

Mom and the kids

My brothers

It was so much fun.  I don’t think we have been to a wedding together as a family in a long time.  Makes me excited for my cousin’s wedding in July!

Now its time for my birthday dinner (it’s tomorrow), I choose chicken tortillini soup and strawberry shortcakes..yumm.  Then time to make the trek back to Chicago.  I am so not looking forward to the drive hopefully it goes fast.  I listened to Jillian Michael’s podcasts on the way down here which helped the time go by, any suggestions on other ones to download?

One last mom and sisters and I all got these feather extensions in our hair you like?

Spectating and PT

15 May

Wow what a weekend! I meant to blog on Friday and yesterday but I have been way too busy.  Friday night I drove home to Springfield, it took 4 hours when it should have taken 3. Chicago traffic you win.  I immediately went to get my hair highlighted by my favorite hair dresser and then watch my little sister run in her sectional track meet.

Shes pretty much a hurdle rock star.  Way better than I was when I ran track in high school.  Sadly it was pouring rain the whole time so my older sister and I spent much of our time huddled under an umbrella.

Such good supporters we are.  The track meet didn’t get over with until 11:30 at night! At which time I wanted to die since I hadn’t had anything but a power bar since my lunch at 11:30.  Luckily we went to the only bar in Springfield still serving food and had some pizza, pretzel bites and spinach artichoke dip..yumm.

Saturday morning I was up early to spectate my second running event of the weekend..The Fatass 5k! Its this awesome race in Springfield that serves corndogs, donuts, beer, ice cream and more throughout the course.  My sister and brother were running in it.  My sister was running for real, my brother and his friends (high school seniors who are all running superstars) were running while trying to eat as much food as possible.

My brother and his friends..running with half gallons of milk that they tried to finish before the end

They also put spots like a cow all over themselves and then wrote things like got milk on their backs

My sister and her friends

I had a great time spectating the race! There was not a ton of supporters because it was pouring down rain AGAIN so I was one of the only people cheering.  My sister ended up finishing around 25:30 and my brother finished around the 34’s after eating 3 corn dogs, 5 donuts, 4 things of fries and half a gallon of chocolate milk.  Oh high school boys.

I went to see my physical therapist yesterday too and she determined that I have a weak right glute and tight right hip flexor.  When I was running longer distances and my form started to break down because my right glute was weak it was causing all the little muscles in my right hip to overwork therefore causing the pain.  She gave me a few good stretches and strengthening exercises to do every day for at least the next two weeks.  I can also start running again, 1-2 miles every other day for the next week and then reevaluate after that.

Im off to go to a brunch for the wedding we went to last night..full recap of that to come!

Have you ever done a race that involved eating on the course?

I never have but this one looked fun!

Do you like spectating races?

-I love it! Track meets are really fun but wow those high school girls are speedy

Three Thing Thursday

12 May

Workout: I actually did the workout I posted yesterday today! And if you haven’t tried it yet. Do. It. Now. You will be a hot sweaty mess but your swim suit will thank you! I substituted elliptical for running intervals since I am still not running.  Hopefully I will get cleared by the PT this weekend.

I am getting ready to go home for the weekend.  My brothers girlfriend’s brother is getting married.  Oh and it is the weekend before my birthday (which is Monday in case you need to send presents 🙂 ) so hopefully I will get to pick out a present or something.  Turning 23 isn’t very exciting.  I have a ton to do this afternoon; laundry, transfer all my stuff from my old computer to my new one, pack, and clean.  I hope I don’t run out of time!


For this week’s Three Thing Thursday I want to talk about food confessions.  Let me just say that I have weighed about the same weight give or take 5 pounds since college.  I still wear clothes I bought in high school.  So no matter what I do when it comes to eating it doesn’t really seem to matter, yes you can all hate me for saying that.  I think a combination of good genes, consistent exercise, a fairly active job, and good portion control has helped me to maintain this weight without any issues.  That being said here are three confessions I feel like getting off my chest.


  1. I had fro-yo for dinner last night. I have been craving it for so long but have been too lazy to walk and go get it (it’s about a mile from my house).  Last night I took a different train line and therefore got off at an earlier stop and walked home.  The new fro-yo place happened to be conveniently located right next to the train stop.
  2. I had fro-yo fro dinner last night..AFTER I had a cupcake for lunch.  Okay there was also tuna and crackers and an apple at lunch..but still..SUGARAHOLIC.  I was doing so well during lent with my no chocolate and less sweets and now I eat them all the time. But really..sorry I’m not sorry.  Even though I am not running 20 miles a week anymore I still working out regularly so if I want to have a cupcake and fro-yo in one day..I will.  Oh and I had a baby twix with my breakfast.  Call the sugar police this girl needs help
  3. I was extremely proud that I was able to finish an entire bag of baby spinach.  Normally I eat half the bag and the other half goes bad.  There are only 3 servings in a bag.. But either way I finished it! Go me! At least I had something green this week to balance out the mass amount of sugar.
On another note how awesome is this picture..
Haha I saw that on Facebook (and it originated here)  and thought it was so funny.
And now time to finish transferring all my stuff and get to packing!
Are you a sugar addict or is it just me? 

Workout Wednesday

11 May

I promise next week I will try and have some of my own videos up! So until then I will keep this week’s Wednesday Workout pretty simple, we will call it 6 pack abs because it focuses on getting your core in shape!

6 pack abs: 

10 min cardio warm up

  • 15 burpees with pushups
  • 15 kettlebell swings
  • Hold a plank for one minute on forearms
  • 1 min mountain climbers
  • 1 min side shuffles
  • Hold side planks 1 minute each side (on forearms)
  • Sprints on treadmill or elliptical- go all out for 30s, rest for 15, repeat for 5 minutes
  • 25 crunches, 25 bicycle crunches, 25 reverse crunches
  • Repeat 2-3 times
The key to getting a rocking stomach is to build your core through strengthening exercises and to get rid of excess fat that is covering that 6 pack.  This workout will keep your heart rate up through the interval training and cardio exercises to burn a ton of fat and strengthen your abs at the same time.
What was your workout today?