Surprises and May Review

1 Jun

Sorry for no workout Wednesday post today.  Yesterday afternoon my mom called to say my dad and her were coming to Chicago for the night..SURPRISE! It was so nice to just randomly have them come.  We went to a bar by Wrigley field, ate and had a few beers. This morning I didn’t have to work until 10 so we went to a delicious breakfast and then they went home and I went to work!

This week is going by so fast with no work on Monday and surprise guests yesterday. Oh and SURPRISE its June! How the heck did that happen?

In honor of national running day I did NOT run today..oops.  I did a weight/elliptical/jump rope workout instead.  I did run yesterday with the intention of doing some sort of speed work that looked like this. Run easy for a 1/2 mile, decide you might get rained on so just try and run fast..SURPRISE.. its really stinking hot out here and running fast is hard.  I would run fast for about a quarter-half mile, look at my heart rate of 195, stop and gasp for air and let my heart rate recover, then run fast again.  Hows that for a smart runner eh? Ended up doing 3 miles in 26 minutes.

That 3 miles ended my lowest mileage month since..I don’t even know when.  Due to half marathon recovery and hip injuries I only ran on 8 days this month and my longest run was 4 miles.  My total mileage was 18.5 miles.  Yes I know some people easily could do that in a day although I am not one of them.

Hopefully the month of June brings more pain free running because SURPRISE I have to run a 5k on Sunday morning.  Running gods help me because I am going to need it!

How was your month of May in terms of exercise? 


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