Inside or Outside?

7 Jun

Well friends its officially summer time in Chicago! It’s currently 96 degrees and it is supposed to be equally as hot tomorrow.  So this brings me to the run inside or outside in the crazy heat?

All winter I begged for summer to come.  I couldn’t wait to not have to bundle up and find my gloves and hat before every run.  Since Chicago apparently didn’t believe in having a spring it has gone from freezing to steaming in a matter of a few weeks.

I was all geared up to run outside today but after checking the weather report I thought I might actually melt if I tried to run inside.  It was so hard for me to run on the treadmill when it was so sunny outside but I thought it was for the best to not go brave the heat at 4 pm.

So my question to you blog hot is too hot to run outside? I know I can get up super early to run before the heat or wait until later at night.  Most the time I like to work out in the middle of the afternoon though so I am thinking I will just get used to running when its hot.

How hot is too hot for you?

At what point is it unsafe to run in the heat? 

Day 5: 40 min circuit training

Day 6: 4 mile run


One Response to “Inside or Outside?”

  1. jeri June 9, 2011 at 8:26 pm #

    Usually in the 90s is where I start to get iffy about running outdoors. I’ll NEVER do a speed workout in that sort of heat, typically b/c heat+humidity go hand in hand here (and I’m sure in Chi town too). I did do a 3 miler the other night in 97 degrees and it wasn’t terrible. I think you just need to think of those runs as SOLELY for getting the miles in and not even look at your pace, and to bring along the aqua.

    If I have to do a LR in that sort of heat and humidity I will make sure I run by my apartment or water fountains for frequent water refills and will dial back my pace a ton. I’ll even throw in some walk breaks if I’m feeling really deathly (the heat REALLY gets to me…barf).

    With that being said, I’m trying to get my body more acclimated to teh heat and humidity, so I will be forcing myself to run in it more frequently. Waaaaaaaaaaah. 😦

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