We Be Steady Mobbin’

9 Jun

Really Chicago hood-lums..really?! If you are from Chicago and follow the news.. or @redeyechicago like I do you will know there have been a bunch of “mob” attacks this week. No not flash mobs..mobs of thugs going onto buses and beating people up and stealing their stuff. Thanks for making me feel comfortable in my home after one year.

Speaking of which I have officially been living in Chicago for one year and 8 days. Besides the mobs I pretty much love this city.

And since this post is random enough..why not add my other random thoughts of the week. I really can’t bring myself to eat normal dinners in the heat. All I want is smoothies, fro-yo or ice cream. Maybe a salad if I am feeling ambitious.

Example:  Yesterday I had this smoothie, this salad, and this fro-yo for breakfast, lunch and dinner respectfully. Of course there was other food added in as well but my three summer staples were all represented well.

I also am wondering if anyone else has ever tried muscle milk and actually liked it? They were giving it away at the Run for the Zoo 5k on Sunday so I grabbed a sample. It was so gross! I couldn’t even finish it. Not to mention its chock full of too much protein and other unknown ingredients.

On that note I will end this random post and wish you all a Happy Thursday! Today is my Friday because I am going to the Kenny Chesney concert tonight so I took work off tomorrow.

Ever tried muscle milk?

What do you eat for dinner when its super hot out?

Day 7: 45 min walk

One Response to “We Be Steady Mobbin’”

  1. Amy @ Second City Randomness June 9, 2011 at 11:54 am #

    Won’t lie- the mob thing is really freaking me out. As a criminal, it’s sort of genius, but as a semi-upstanding citizen (let’s not kid ourselves), it frightens me a bit.

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