A Series of Un-exepected Events

16 Jun

Sorry readers, I don’t mean to be a terribly inconsistent blogger. I have been meaning to post since Tuesday but I have had a very strange Series of Un-expected Events. No not unfortunate events, just un-expected.

For instance on Tuesday my boyfriend invited me out to the suburbs to watch him play softball. This meant that I ended up staying after work to run (4.6 miles of speed work) then went out to his house and slept over there. Meaning I never went home from 5 am on Tuesday til 8:30 Wed night.

I also did not expect to get downtown an hour and half before I had to work on Wed. I did manage to spend the time drinking a delicious Starbucks and enjoying a cranberry orange bagel. I thought I would share it with this unexpected bird that decided to hang out inside the lobby with me he wasn’t having it.

I also did not remember it was my roommates birthday on Friday so I had to go on a search for the perfect present on Wed night which led to me getting home super late. It was so worth it though because I found her a great pair of workout shoes to help with her 100 day challenge.

I was planning on doing my long run this morning. Unexpectedly it was pouring rain when I tried too. I ended up doing 4.4 on the treadmill instead. Sorry 7 miler I will have to be doing you this weekend.

Sometimes unexpected events just happen. And sometimes A LOT of them happen in a row. Sorry blog friends, I hope you will keep reading even with my inconsistent ways.


Today is my Friday! I am going to Springfield after work tonight and then its on to St. Louis for my cousins wedding. Its going to be an amazing weekend so hopefully I will be able to pop in with updates!

What un-expected events happened to you this week?

Day 13: 4.6 mile run

Day 14: 45 min walk

Day 15: 4.4 mile run


One Response to “A Series of Un-exepected Events”

  1. Amy @ Second City Randomness June 16, 2011 at 3:49 pm #

    I totally hear ya on the unexpected ridiculousness of a week. I’m cramming in the ends of helping my friend plan her wedding (next week- omg), moving, death in the family, random plans being scheduled in, coworker out on maternity leave (ie I’m doing two jobs instead of one apparently), and my bridesmaid dress for next week isn’t done at the seamstress yet (ie she hasn’t started and asked for more time- oh hell no!).

    Rant over. :p

    I’m hoping the weekend won’t be so bad… meh!

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