Week 4: Training Recap

20 Jun

Training for the Rock and Roll Half has been way more relaxed then training for my last half marathon. This past week I realized that I am goingt o be super flexible with this training schedule and if I only run 3 days a week that is perfectly fine. Doing the 100 day challenge has helped me to keep doing some sort of exercise each day so I am getting in more cross training this time around. I may try and run 4 days this week but I kinda like the 3 day schedule I am on right now.

Week 4 Recap:

  • Monday: 45 min weights
  • Tuesday: 4.6 miles of speed work (4 x 800s)
  • Wednesday: easy walk
  • Thursday: 4.4 miles easy on treadmill
  • Friday: 7 miles
  • Saturday: 30 min weights
  • Sunday: 30 min bike ride
Week Total: 17 miles
I am up from 14 miles last week. Ideally I would like to get to running 20 miles a week comfortably with no injuries or pain. So far my hip has been fine, my shins have been hurting though. I did get new shoes on Thursday so hopefully that will eliminate any future shin pain. I was being lazy about icing them as well but I iced them after my 7 mile run and they were fine the next day.
New shins and icing for the win!
I am doing a 10k on Saturday for the first time since grade school so hopefully that goals. Goal as of now is to finish under an hour. Hopefully that should be very doable but I have been running s-l-o-w (for me) lately so no promises.

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