Week 6 Recap

5 Jul

Last week put me at the official half way mark for half marathon training. It also brought about the revelation that I might not really try to “race” this half marathon. Yes of course I am going to try to do my best. I am just being realistic because for the past 6 weeks my times have not even been comparable to when I was training for my first half.

I blame the humidity. And the fact that its summer and I actually have things going on that I care about way more than running. And the race is in the middle of August, at 6:30 am. Who runs that early?! (I understand a lot of people do..just not me!)

A ton of my friends are doing this race so my new plan is just to run it with them and have fun! I also found out that my boyfriend got me tickets to go see Lil Wayne and Keri Hilson the night before the race so if I already was feeling hesitant about it that pretty much sealed the deal.

I’m just not making any promises one way or the other..to myself. That being said Week 6 recapped like this:

  • Sunday: Kickball
  • Monday: 5 mile run
  • Tuesday: Rollerblading and abs
  • Wednesday: 5 mile run
  • Thursday: Elliptical and weights
  • Friday: 9 miles (1:24.00)
  • Saturday: Line dancing in Nashville (oh yes this was a workout)
Week Total: 19 miles
Clearly this week was not to hardcore. Rollerblading, line dancing and kickball? I don’t really count these as “workouts” but I am just tracking them for my 100 days of movement challenge (Today is day 33!). I did increase my mileage from last week and do my longest run in this training cycle so hip hip hooray for that!
I’ve started this week off on a little better note with a 3 mile run on Sunday and then 5 miles of speedwork today. Neither workout was too remarkable but hey 8 miles complete for the week. Goal is to do 4-5 on Thursday then 10 on Friday! I’ll be back later tonight with a recap of all my Nashville shenanigans from the weekend!
Do you think it’s too early to decide how serious to take this race?

One Response to “Week 6 Recap”

  1. katshealthcorner July 5, 2011 at 10:22 pm #

    I LOVE LINE DANCING!!!!! Which one is your favorite? I love the Boot-Skootin Booggie!

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