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September, Running and Sunshine

30 Sep

Is it really September 30th? Good bye summer- hello Fall!

Sadly the past two weeks has been pure rain in Chicago, but yesterday it did manage to be nice out for a few hours.



Just long enough to take the recovered puppy to the beach for a little sand time. Turns out Charlie got sick because he ATE part of his toy. Smart pup right there.


As I look back on my workouts in September they were pretty lame. I only ran 9 days this month for a total of 42.7 miles. I’m not training for anything so my guess is my running will pretty much stay the same over the next few months. I am at 587.8 miles for the year..maybe shoot for 800?

I did end the month with a nice 6 mile run today bringing my weekly total to 15 miles- highest week since the half!

And now its the weekend! I have a freshly baked loaf of pumpkin bread waiting for me and then its off to the movies. Sean and I are going to dinner then to see Money ball. Anyone else seen it?

How was your September?

Sick puppy baby

28 Sep

Last night I decided Charlie was sleeping through the night no matter what. I’ve been getting up with him every night around 2 am because he barks like crazy when he wakes up and realizes hes in his crate/the kitchen/the bathroom.

Well that plan backfired. He woke up at 12:30 this time going nuts. I finally went to check on him and when I took him outside he got sick everywhere.

Poor puppy baby. He went back to sleep then got sick again at 6 am. I called the vet but they said just keep an eye on him and don’t feed him until tonight.

He was running around like a wild man this morning so I think he’s going to be just fine. The puppy walker is coming twice today to check on him just to be safe.

It’s hard being a puppy mom!

Biggest Loser: Episode 2

28 Sep

Last week I decided to start a discussion for this season’s Biggest Loser. Check out the comments from last week then join in for this week!

Episode 2: “It hurts to look good- that’s why I am in pain every day” -Dolvett

Trainers: I am really digging Dolvett more and more each episode. His team seems to really like him as a person but he is a hard ass in the gym. As a trainer he seems to be doing a great job- not quite Bob status but way better than Anna.

Bob: so funny this week. Those early morning songs? He was cracking me up. Love me some Bob Harper.

Anna: My hatred for her continues this week. She is NOT qualified to do this job! I know a lot of people like her because “she’s so pretty and nice” but she does not know how to work with these older contestants. If they are ever going to be successful they need a trainer who knows how to work around old age and injuries, that requires experience and exercise physiology/health training knowledge. Anna does not have that and it shows.

Contestants: I really liked the red team this week! They are bonding really well and I know those boys will stick it out until the end. I feel bad for the girls because they will get teamed up on but that’s how the show works. Favorite of the week was Ramon. He reminds me a lot of the Hawaiian boys from a few seasons ago. Shocking that he had no idea how bad his health was but he seems determined to change it around.

I am finding the blue team a tad bit annoying. Johnny didn’t try and he deserved to go home in my opinion. Then again I am biased and hate Anna so maybe that’s why I don’t like their team.

Game: The donut thing was crazy completely due to the fact that John, the 37 mini donut eater, ended up losing the most weight. That was SO lucky. I didn’t really think the challenge was that interesting but it was fun that it came down to the last 3 seconds. I feel like they are making a better effort of showing more workouts this season so far and I love that.

Overall solid second episode. I am excited to watch Drew Brees next week!

What were your thoughts on this weeks episode?

Anna lover or hater?

Do you think the entire blue team will be eliminated before anyone else goes?

Starting the week off right

27 Sep

Let’s be honest: I was pretty lazy last week. Sure I worked out T/W/Th and then went on two long walks Friday and Sunday but that is not really that much. I also drank a lot of Sangria and sweet tea vodka, ate burgers and fries and deep dish pizza this weekend.

I needed to start this week off on a better note.  So last night I decided an hour of cardio was necessary.

I was ready to just do an hour on the elliptical and call it a day but I was reading in Fitness Magazine an article about a trainer who doesn’t push herself in her own workouts. I can TOTALLY relate to that. I know a lot of the times I put my clients through way harder workouts then I do that day.

30 minutes of elliptical intervals, 10 minutes of jump rope and burpees, and 15 minutes on the treadmill (sprints and incline walking) and I was feeling much better about the massive cookie I had for an afternoon snack.

I came home to a salad and a green smoothie.

And then because I am human I finished off these..

Yumm. Goal for today is to continue my healthy week streak with a 4 mile run. Theres a 100% chance I will follow that up with a Dunkin Donuts pumpkin spice latte. Everything in moderation right?

How are you starting this week off right?

A picturesque weekend

26 Sep

Instead of doing a recap of my weekend, I thought I would just share some pictures.

And for everyone who asked- Charlie did great with the American Heart Walk. He walked around the city all Friday afternoon and only slept for an hour after- puppy has got a TON of energy.

The restaurant we ate at Friday night

Amazing tuna salad

Crappy pic- but delicious calamari

Puppy love

Charlie sporting his Illini lease but Michigan scarf for Saturday college football

And now its time for another work week. Nothing big going on this week or upcoming weekend- I think I need to make some plans!

Happy Monday All!

How was your weekend?

Friday Favorites

23 Sep

It has been a fast week here in Smashville. I am excited for work today too- we are doing the American Heart Association Heart Walk as a company AND we get to bring our pups!

So in the spirit of happiness here is a list of my favorite things this week:

  • A WalMart grocery store: it opened 2 blocks from my work- so cheap and so much produce!
  • Puppy park dates- Charlie made a ton of new friends yesterday at the park by our house
  • Work week flying by: being busy makes time go by soo fast
  • Not spending money on buying coffee– home espresso maker FTW
  • Having no set plans for the weekend– relaxation to the max
  • Food: I have been an eating machine this week- sorry I’m not sorry
  • Running: I had a great run this week already and am hoping for one today and tomorrow!
What are you excited about this Friday? 

Food Blogger Failure

22 Sep

I’d say a majority of the blogs I read tend to document their food in one way or another. Some post three times a day with their eats, other’s just share a good dinner or breakfast recipe.

Confession: I am a terrible food blogger!

I don’t know how to take pretty pictures of food (although I try) and I always forget to take pictures of stuff. Sorry, my priority is usually getting the food into my mouth as fast as possible, not photographing it.

Although yesterday I thought I would really try hard to document an entire days eats for the big #WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) phenom that Peas and Crayons started.

I started off well with a picture of my breakfast (yogurt with strawberries, bananas and peanut butter puffins and two apple cinnamon muffins).

Then I got really ambitious and took pictures of my planned lunch- a salad and 1/2 a banana

Then failure set in. I left my lunch at home so I did NOT get to eat my delicious salad or banana. Instead I snagged a free bagel from my boyfriend and two mini cliff bars from my friend. Not quite so healthy…

Starvation set in by the time I made it home at 7:30. Luckily my boyfriend decided to make pasta with vodka sauce, feta cheese and basil chicken sausages, and I remembered to take a picture!

Then we went for ice cream and I did not remember a picture-fail.

So overall my one day at attempting to blog my food was a semi-fail. I don’t know how you food bloggers do it everyday!

You know what wasn’t a fail? My 4 mile run this afternoon. Nope that was a success!

Also a success- Charlie weighed 19 lbs at the vet yesterday! He weight 8.5 when I first got him but they said he was too skinny. Now he is HUGE, but still skinny.

For all you food bloggers out there- how do you do it?!