August Recap

1 Sep

It’s hard to believe its September when it’s currently 100 degrees in Chicago. But hey I’m not upset about it, the longer summer wants to stay the better. Soon enough it will all be snow and misery here so I hope the temperatures stay high for a long time.


Looking back through August this was a pretty crazy month. I moved into a new apartment, I got a puppy, and I ran a half marathon! Not too shabby.

Total Monthly Mileage: 51.2 miles. Not nearly as high as before but I was tapering/recovering so fine by me

Weight workouts done: 3

Bike Rides: 3

Clearly this month was pretty low-key compared to the past few. I am still working my way to the end of the 100 day challenge (check out my half way recap), only 10 more days to go! A did a LOT of 30 minute walks to get my exercise in the past few weeks.

I don’t have any big upcoming race plans or exercise goals for the time being. I am sure I will get bored and think of something to train for/some sort of challenge. As for now I am content just hanging out, fitting workouts in most days of the week, and going on puppy walks.

I updated my recipes, race recaps, and workout Wednesday pages!

Also the contest for Chicago’s Most Valuable Blogger is still going on until September 9th. I will love you forever if you vote for me every day πŸ™‚

Looking back on August how did it end up for you?

What are you most looking forward to about fall?Β 

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