100 Day Challenge- Complete!

14 Sep

Awhile ago (a little over 100 days ago in fact) I embarked on the 100 days of movement challenge. The goal was to do some form of planned movement for at least 30 minutes each day for 100 days.

I am proud to say that on Sunday I completed this challenge! I did a 50 day review here, and I would say the last 50 days was a lot harder than the first. Life got way busier these past 50 days but I still made sure to do my 30 minutes each day. Given a lot of these days were 30 minute walks, but hey every form of movement counts!

After completing this challenge I would have to say I didn’t find it that difficult. It did motivate me to get up off my butt on some days that I normally would have laid around but for the most part I am pretty active so I didn’t find it overwhelmingly hard.

I did not lose any weight during this challenge (nor was I trying too) and I don’t really think my fitness level increased drastically.

Overall I am glad I did the challenge just in terms of sticking to a routine and keeping up a habit. I would definitely recommend it to people for those purposes but if you are trying to change your fitness level you might want to try a more difficult challenge.

So what’s next for me? No idea really. I am not currently training for any races or doing any specific challenges. I am considering starting up the insanity series but not sure if I want to commit to doing it 6x a week.

Any suggestions for a new challenge?

Any questions about the 100 day challenge?

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