Biggest Loser: Episode 2

28 Sep

Last week I decided to start a discussion for this season’s Biggest Loser. Check out the comments from last week then join in for this week!

Episode 2: “It hurts to look good- that’s why I am in pain every day” -Dolvett

Trainers: I am really digging Dolvett more and more each episode. His team seems to really like him as a person but he is a hard ass in the gym. As a trainer he seems to be doing a great job- not quite Bob status but way better than Anna.

Bob: so funny this week. Those early morning songs? He was cracking me up. Love me some Bob Harper.

Anna: My hatred for her continues this week. She is NOT qualified to do this job! I know a lot of people like her because “she’s so pretty and nice” but she does not know how to work with these older contestants. If they are ever going to be successful they need a trainer who knows how to work around old age and injuries, that requires experience and exercise physiology/health training knowledge. Anna does not have that and it shows.

Contestants: I really liked the red team this week! They are bonding really well and I know those boys will stick it out until the end. I feel bad for the girls because they will get teamed up on but that’s how the show works. Favorite of the week was Ramon. He reminds me a lot of the Hawaiian boys from a few seasons ago. Shocking that he had no idea how bad his health was but he seems determined to change it around.

I am finding the blue team a tad bit annoying. Johnny didn’t try and he deserved to go home in my opinion. Then again I am biased and hate Anna so maybe that’s why I don’t like their team.

Game: The donut thing was crazy completely due to the fact that John, the 37 mini donut eater, ended up losing the most weight. That was SO lucky. I didn’t really think the challenge was that interesting but it was fun that it came down to the last 3 seconds. I feel like they are making a better effort of showing more workouts this season so far and I love that.

Overall solid second episode. I am excited to watch Drew Brees next week!

What were your thoughts on this weeks episode?

Anna lover or hater?

Do you think the entire blue team will be eliminated before anyone else goes?


One Response to “Biggest Loser: Episode 2”

  1. KatsHealthCorner September 28, 2011 at 11:43 pm #

    I wish I got the Biggest Loser, but we don’t get the channel!!! Thanks for keeping me updated! 😀

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