Fat Willy’s, Pizza and Pumpkin

3 Oct

The theme of this weekend was FOOD. After baking a delicious loaf of pumpkin bread Friday afternoon, Sean and I went to Fat Willy’s BBQ shack before seeing Moneyball.

This place is a hidden Chicago gem. I haven’t heard too many people mention it but the people who have rave about how awesome it is. It totally lived up to our expectations. Sean got the rib basket and I got the grilled shrimp with honey BBQ. Both of our meals came with delicious steak fries and texas toast. Β I highly suggest it to anyone in Chicago who is looking for a great BBQ place.

As for Moneyball it was a pretty good movie. Worth seeing, but nothing life changing.


Saturday afternoon we had a pizza tour scheduled. Second City Pizza Tours did a groupon awhile back and Sean’s sisters bought 4 tickets for us to all attend as his birthday present.

The reviews for this tour were pretty awful on yelp so I wasn’t expecting much. Turns our the reviews of the tour were true- but the pizza was amazing.

The idea with the tour is that you go to 4 different pizza places and try their different types of pizza while learning about the history behind it. Unfortunately our tour guide was horrible and did not give a single fact about the pizza.

The tour actually went like this: Go to Giordanos- eat a slice of pizza outside, go to Osterio Via Stado- have a few bites of awesome thin crust pizza, go to Gino’s East- have a slice of deep dish, finish at state street pizza. There was very little information given and the tour guide couldn’t answer anyone’s questions. Luckily you do get to eat a lot of pizza so we ended up leaving early and skipping the last place.


After a long night out on Saturday I was anxious to cook a semi-healthy meal on Sunday. Enter: Shelby’s Pumpkin Mac and Cheesecakes. I was a little apprehensive about this recipe but it turned out delicious! I made it as a casserole instead of cupcake form and I also used turkey and cheddar hotdogs instead of ground turkey sausage.

I believe the recipe said it makes 4 servings but Sean and I both had it for lunch and I have a TON leftover. At least 3-4 meals worth.

I tried to get Charlie pup to help me cook but he was more interested in sleeping in the bathroom.

Puppy had a fun weekend too.. lots of walks to the lake front and playing fetch in the park! He was wiped.

Tell me: How was your weekend? Do you have a good pumpkin recipe for me to try next?

4 Responses to “Fat Willy’s, Pizza and Pumpkin”

  1. Shannon @ Healthiful Balance October 3, 2011 at 12:18 pm #

    Have you ever tried making pumpkin pancakes? πŸ™‚ Theyre really good! πŸ™‚

    • Ashley October 3, 2011 at 10:00 pm #

      Yess I love them!!

  2. Amy @ Second City Randomness October 3, 2011 at 9:31 pm #

    I’ve always wanted to do one of the food tours. There are quite a few out there!

    • Ashley October 3, 2011 at 10:00 pm #

      Well I would recommend NOT doing this one- pretty awful tour.

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