Biggest Loser: Episode 3

5 Oct


“You better blow that scale up, or don’t come back down”

This week’s episode was centered around football. Several NFL players made appearances including my favorite, Drew Brees and my least favorite Tim Tebow

Trainers: Dolvett continued to prove himself this week as a motivator as well as a great trainer. The bond his team has formed is just a tribute to his skills. When Vinny and he started having their heart to heart about Vinny being abused as a child Dolvett showed his ability to be a trainer AND a support system/counselor/influenced by Jillian Michael’s

Anna improved ever so slightly this week. She did manage to not let anyone on her team go home but I still don’t think she is training these elderly clients how the need to be. The fact that she was having them walk at 3.1 during the challenge shows that she is not doing enough. If that is the fastest they can walk then put them on a different machine, 3.1 is NOT going to get the calorie burn they need.

Contestants: Antone was clearly the featured player this week as he used to be an NFL player. I am sure this was really difficult to be surrounded by athletes of the same caliber that he used to play with but he did well with it, only cried once! But on a serious note  he did lose 16 lbs which is dang impressive.

Vinny finally broke 400 pounds with a 10 lb weight loss. I always find when they break the -00 barriers that is the most exciting. Jennifer, the girl who can’t do anything, managed to lose 16 lbs which is so impressive considering she can’t even do weight baring exercises.

Game: The black team swept the other teams in the calorie burning game. No surprise there. I do want the red team to step it up and win a challenge or weigh in soon. They are more than capable especially since the black team has pulled such big numbers.

The black team was unbelievable in the weigh-ins. The black team members lost 18 lbs, 17 lbs, 16 lbs x 2, and 10 lbs. That is insane. And way better than anyone else.

Coach Mike led the blue team to a safe second place finish and won the super bowl tickets. My guess is the blue team has had such low numbers that it was just a matter of time that it caught up to them. I am interested to see how they will do the next week.

The red team elimination was  heart breaking. They truly all bonded together so fast and did not want to send anyone home. Patrick sacrificed himself which I found so sad because he would have been so successful on the show. I think he’s going to be a major hottie at the finale and showed he’s continuing his hard work at home.

What were your thoughts on this week’s episode?

Was the blue team winning just a fluke or will they continue to do well?


One Response to “Biggest Loser: Episode 3”

  1. Jeffrey Scott (@Jeffrey__Scott) October 5, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

    I don’t think the blue team’s success was a fluke, but I do think it’s going to be hard for this team to continue in the coming weeks unless Anna can step and and effectively train them. Older contestants have done well in the past, so it’s not an impossibility they can continue.

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