Tailgating and Apple Picking

10 Oct

This weekend I had two plans: Go to the Michigan/Northwestern game and go apple picking. Both were a great success.

Saturday my boyfriend and I had big plans to attend the football game with 6 of our friends and Sean’s parents. Sean and I were in charge of tailgate food so we spent Friday night/Saturday morning cooking and baking.

We had garlic sausages, greek chicken kabobs, chocolate chip cheesecake dip, apple cider donuts, pasta salad and homemade salsa.

I made the donuts using this recipe and was very impressed with them.

Tailgating was a blast despite the fact that I was the DD for the evening. The boys all enjoyed some apple pie shots to go along with their tailgating feast.

We ended up having amazing seats thanks to being connect to the athletic director. 4th row on the 15 yard line? Don’t mind if I do.

And a Michigan victory completed the night.


I really wanted to get up and watch the marathon on Sunday but we ended up staying in the suburbs so I had to resort to watching it on TV. Every time I watch a big marathon like that I get so inspired to run one. Then I remember how much I really don’t like racing and how awful my last two half marathons where and I instantly don’t want to run one anymore.

Sunday afternoon I was able to complete my second goal of the weekend: Go apple picking.

The orchard we went to was packed! I left with 6 lbs of apples, a jar of apple butter and some kettle corn. Sadly we didn’t want to wait in line for the delicious apple donuts but I will be finding another orchard soon to get some. I loved my homemade donuts but they were baked, that just is not the same as real fried donuts.


Congratulations to Cely and everyone else who ran the marathon yesterday! I hope today isn’t too painful for you.

I need some good apple recipes now- anyone have any?

One Response to “Tailgating and Apple Picking”

  1. Sarah S @RunningOnWords October 10, 2011 at 7:06 pm #

    My bff is a huge Michigan fan. She is loving this season! Enjoy it, Michigan fans earned it after years of Rich Rod!

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