Biggest Loser: Episode 4

12 Oct

Alternative titles: “The Old Contestants Return!”, “The Episode Where Everyone Crys” “When Joe Overcomes All His Issues”

This week revolved around the old players returning to the show including Hannah and Marci from season 11 and Adam from season 10. I am a big fan of Hannah and Marci so I was super excited that they were chosen to come back.

Trainers: Bob’s speech to his team was quite motivating. Nutrition is such a huge aspect of weight loss and this show and they don’t always talk about it enough (besides the product promos). Joe faced his secret eating past and later learned to not be afraid of the water. Bob is a miracle worker. His pool workout was no joke either.

Dolvett continues to be great this week- I liked how he reintroduced sports to Courtney to make her excited about working out again. He’s got some work to do with his female contestants next week though.

Anna’s tennis workout was the first legit workout she’s done with these contestants. Stick to your strengths Anna.

Contestants: Were Anna and Bonnie dancing during that first workout? Anna clearly says (about Bonnie) “she is physically okay…she is just scared.” Bonnie just bugs me and the way Anna trains her is atrocious. She can do lunges but yet can’t attempt to run? Anna is so happy when Bonnie is walking at 3.3- I mean COME ON… 3.3 is NOT fast. Sure maybe she can’t jog yet but at least push her to a more challenging walking pace. If she can walk up that hill at the end of the challenge she can do more then what Anna is having her do.

Game: This challenge was one of the more physical one’s so far this season. Black team and red team were pretty close but no surprise that the black team won. The blue team didn’t stand a chance from the beginning, and I found the inspirational music as they finished to be a tad cheesy.

I am glad they all got to read their letters from home and that the black team got videos. That is always a big inspiration and fun to watch their reactions. How cute is Joe’s wife. Loved them. And Sunny’s son was such a sweetheart. Antone’s daughter tearing up made me get a little teary eyed too.

Weigh in: Blue team loses- Bonnie gets to choose who goes home due to having the highest % of weight loss. She sends COACH MIKE HOME! Say good bye to the blue team. There is NO way that this team will survive with just Bonnie and Becky on it.

And that was week 4 in my opinion! A little on the cynical side but hopefully next week makes me happier 🙂

What were your opinions on this week’s episode? Who do you think Bonnie should have sent home?


One Response to “Biggest Loser: Episode 4”

  1. Jack Ralph October 12, 2011 at 9:30 am #

    Coach Mike was pissed too oh my goodness! But he is a coach and should have been able to get himself back into shape. The other girl needs the ranch more. Bonnie on the other hand might have considered sending herself home unless she plans to step up her game.

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