Biggest Loser: Episode 5

19 Oct

Today’s Biggest Loser recap has two special visitors: 

Jen and Jay from Season 11!

I met them at a conference this past week and was able to hear Jen speak about social media. So awesome to meet them!


Alternate Titles:When Bob Rode a Mechanical Bull” and “When Dolvett Got Pissed” 

Trainers: This week Sunny is chosen to go home for the week and Bob goes with her. Then Bob rode a mechanical bull and it. was. AWESOME! He was so nervous and cute the whole time- but he did really well!

Dolvett got a little pissed this week after Vinny’s stomach “cecil” starting dancing. He continues to show that he is an all around great trainer- I really hope he gets to stay for next season.

Anna: Anna was pretty meh this week. The only time they really showed her working with her two contestants was when Bonnie decided to reveal that she doesn’t even like Anna. Anna’s motivational speech did not work at all and Bonnie got more pissed. Her psycho analyzing of Bonnie is so beyond wrong (according to Bonnie) so its kind of funny to watch.

Contestants: Sunny got her a$$ kicked this week by Bob. Going home didn’t prove to be so much of a relaxing trip as she thought.

The black team continued to fight among themselves with out Bob there. If they ever lose a weigh-in Jennifer is going to get sent home for sure. She is just not making herself any friends this way.

Game: Besides Sunny going home for the week and being the only weigh-in that counted for her team the other challenge involved orange soda. Whichever team filled up their canister first with orange soda won the challenge and thank god for the Red Team they finally won! I don’t really get the orange soda thing- it was just gross!

I wonder if there will ever be a challenge that the blue team has a chance of winning.

Weigh In: Somehow the blue team managed to save themselves again with a strong performance from Becky. It seems like this team has one player excel each week and that is how they have been hanging on.. guess its Bonnie’s turn next week!

Sonny KILLED the weigh in losing 14 lbs! Apparently having Bob Harper watch your every move and give you individual workouts all week will make you lose crazy amounts of weight.

The poor red team. They had great weigh-ins but still managed to lose. The decision to send Courtney home was pretty safe. The other team members are all bigger and unhealthier then her. Unfortunately they didn’t send her home because of that- they sent her home because the boys are BFF’s and couldn’t vote for each other.

Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

What were your opinions of this week’s show?

Should Courtney have gone home?

How long will the blue team hold on for?

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