Biggest Loser Episode 6

26 Oct

Alternate Titles: “When Antone is afraid of a styrofoam graveyard” “The Romance is Revealed” “If you trick Bob you will lose” 

Trainers: This week the trainers all banded together to work with the contestants as it was a group weight loss challenge (100 lbs total). This Halloween themed episode even got the trainers dressing in costume!

Bob was able to get his hands on Bonnie and Vinny this week which was a good eye opener for those contestants. Bob pushed them harder than they’ve been pushed so far.

Antone said that Dolvett’s workout was the hardest of the three trainers and I’d have to agree. He is no joke.

Challenge: The challenge this week was for the contestants to collect 150-200 lbs of apples in 10 minutes while finding their way through a maze. If they did 150 then they got a 5 lb advantage, and if they did 200 they got a 10 lb advantage. With seconds to spare they made the 10 lb advantage which led them to only needed to lose 9 lbs apiece instead of 10.

Contestants: Jennifer was NOT making her any friends this week. She pretty much rejected the other trainers besides Bob and the other contestants were not happy about it..which will come back to bite her in the bootay..

The contestants decided to prank Bob and act like they ate 100 lbs of candy. He of course got back at them by making them push Sunny up a hill- kind of strange but super funny.

But the biggest story of the week was Jessica and Ramon’s budding romance. They were kissing and hugging and loving all over each other- who saw that one coming?! Oh and they dropped the I LOVE YOU already. This is big time and will be fun to watch unfold. Good thing psychiatrist Anna is watching out for them, oh wait they don’t want her advice- AT ALL. Fail Anna, fail.

Weigh In: The group needed to lose 90 lbs to all be safe- only 9 lbs per contestant. EPIC FAIL. First Sunny gains 5 lbs. Then Becky and Bonnie only lose 1 lb each and then Ramon loses only 2 lbs. No one has good numbers! Luckily John manages to get immunity for losing the most weight.

The elimination was pretty much as expected- Bye Bye Jennifer. Apparently negative energy and complaining doesn’t go over well  with the rest of the contestants. Now she can go worship Bob from home.

2 Responses to “Biggest Loser Episode 6”

  1. Mom October 26, 2011 at 11:01 am #

    I think the theme for the night was EPIC FAIL, EPIC FAIL, EPIC FAIL.. I mean honestly in all my years of watching Biggest Loser there has never been a time when the challenge set before them has failed so miserably. I mean, usually they are least come close to the goal before failure. It was unbelievable to me that they were so far off. It’s not like they were not still working thier butts off. So, the BIGGEST question is, WHY?? Why did they all fail so miserably. I hope they come back next week with some possible answers to this HUGE problem. As for Ann and her advice I am over it and I am over the romance, too. I much rather like the surprise romance at the end of the show not in the middle.

    • No More Tomorrows October 26, 2011 at 3:24 pm #

      Agreed. I like the surprise too.

      And I love you after 6 weeks? I get that they’re going through something together, but really? REALLY? Get home and find out if you like each other when you’re in your “normal” lives, and not in the television “reality” bubble.

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