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Biggest Loser: Episode 5

19 Oct

Today’s Biggest Loser recap has two special visitors: 

Jen and Jay from Season 11!

I met them at a conference this past week and was able to hear Jen speak about social media. So awesome to meet them!


Alternate Titles:When Bob Rode a Mechanical Bull” and “When Dolvett Got Pissed” 

Trainers: This week Sunny is chosen to go home for the week and Bob goes with her. Then Bob rode a mechanical bull and it. was. AWESOME! He was so nervous and cute the whole time- but he did really well!

Dolvett got a little pissed this week after Vinny’s stomach “cecil” starting dancing. He continues to show that he is an all around great trainer- I really hope he gets to stay for next season.

Anna: Anna was pretty meh this week. The only time they really showed her working with her two contestants was when Bonnie decided to reveal that she doesn’t even like Anna. Anna’s motivational speech did not work at all and Bonnie got more pissed. Her psycho analyzing of Bonnie is so beyond wrong (according to Bonnie) so its kind of funny to watch.

Contestants: Sunny got her a$$ kicked this week by Bob. Going home didn’t prove to be so much of a relaxing trip as she thought.

The black team continued to fight among themselves with out Bob there. If they ever lose a weigh-in Jennifer is going to get sent home for sure. She is just not making herself any friends this way.

Game: Besides Sunny going home for the week and being the only weigh-in that counted for her team the other challenge involved orange soda. Whichever team filled up their canister first with orange soda won the challenge and thank god for the Red Team they finally won! I don’t really get the orange soda thing- it was just gross!

I wonder if there will ever be a challenge that the blue team has a chance of winning.

Weigh In: Somehow the blue team managed to save themselves again with a strong performance from Becky. It seems like this team has one player excel each week and that is how they have been hanging on.. guess its Bonnie’s turn next week!

Sonny KILLED the weigh in losing 14 lbs! Apparently having Bob Harper watch your every move and give you individual workouts all week will make you lose crazy amounts of weight.

The poor red team. They had great weigh-ins but still managed to lose. The decision to send Courtney home was pretty safe. The other team members are all bigger and unhealthier then her. Unfortunately they didn’t send her home because of that- they sent her home because the boys are BFF’s and couldn’t vote for each other.

Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

What were your opinions of this week’s show?

Should Courtney have gone home?

How long will the blue team hold on for?

Monday Night Workout Challenge Follow Up

18 Oct

I had a lot of epic fails yesterday. First of all I didn’t realize my weekend recap post never went up- scheduling fail.

Then last night I was all set to continue my Monday Night Workout Challenge. 5 minutes into my run my stomach decided it was NOT happy. Needless to say drinking a big glass of hot chocolate before running was a terrible idea. My run got cut short to 1.5 miles + some arm exercises.

So today I will be doing the Monday Night Challenge (On Tuesday) Whose with me? And who did it last night?

And for anyone who missed out on it last week its 3 miles fast + 50 squats, 50 plie squats, 50 deadlifts and 50 lunges. 

Weekend Pictures and a Recipe

17 Oct

Something about going home to my parents house is always so relaxing. Given I usually sleep in late and take at least one nap each day but I always come back feeling refreshed.  I got to spend time with little baby Michael and watch him get baptized!

I also managed to get in my 3rd workout of the week (yes only 3- BAD WEEK!) with a nice easy run on Saturday morning.


Besides sleeping, holding babies and running I also did a little bit of cooking! Saturday night we decided to make pancakes for dinner. I wanted to make pumpkin pancakes so I combined a recipe of my mom’s that involves sour cream to come up with these.

Pumpkin Pie Sour Cream Pancakes

  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/3 cup pumpkin
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 2 eggs
  • Cinnamon and Pumpkin Pie spice to taste
You start off combining 1 tsp of baking soda in the cup of sour cream and letting it rise. Then combine all other ingredients. Cook on a hot skillet, top with maple syrup and powdered sugar and enjoy!
The normal sour cream pancakes are a little doughy tasting but these were really soft. I think adding more flour may have helped. The pumpkin flavor was very subtle as well so maybe go heavy on the spices.
What fun things did you do this weekend?

Robbing me blind

14 Oct

I knew going into getting a pup it was going to be expensive but WOW..this puppy is robbing me blind.

Charlie got his rabies shots yesterday- only one more day of shots and his neutering to get through before I can stop spending my life savings on this pup.


Sorry for the mainly puppy centric posts this week. I haven’t had much else to blog about because my workouts were pathetic this week. I mean Monday’s workout was pretty good, then Tuesday I went for a 12 mile bike ride but since then I have done NOTHING. Lameness.

Its been a busy week at work and I am attending a conference this week as well, so zero free time + rainy weather = no workouts. Not an good excuse but hey it is what it is.

This afternoon I am going home for the weekend with my sister and the pup so next time you hear from me it will be from the dirty south.. or central Illinois.

Happy Friday Friends! And if you haven’t watched this yet do it NOW.

New Pup on the Block

12 Oct

My precious pup has been upstaged and hes not happy about it.

Meet Barley- our downstairs neighbors new puppy.

You know what’s the greatest thing about having a 15 week old puppy and an 8 week old puppy in the same house? I get to sympathize with my neighbor on his lack of sleep and enjoy the cuteness of his puppy. He gets to learn from all of my infinite wisdom 🙂

Biggest Loser: Episode 4

12 Oct

Alternative titles: “The Old Contestants Return!”, “The Episode Where Everyone Crys” “When Joe Overcomes All His Issues”

This week revolved around the old players returning to the show including Hannah and Marci from season 11 and Adam from season 10. I am a big fan of Hannah and Marci so I was super excited that they were chosen to come back.

Trainers: Bob’s speech to his team was quite motivating. Nutrition is such a huge aspect of weight loss and this show and they don’t always talk about it enough (besides the product promos). Joe faced his secret eating past and later learned to not be afraid of the water. Bob is a miracle worker. His pool workout was no joke either.

Dolvett continues to be great this week- I liked how he reintroduced sports to Courtney to make her excited about working out again. He’s got some work to do with his female contestants next week though.

Anna’s tennis workout was the first legit workout she’s done with these contestants. Stick to your strengths Anna.

Contestants: Were Anna and Bonnie dancing during that first workout? Anna clearly says (about Bonnie) “she is physically okay…she is just scared.” Bonnie just bugs me and the way Anna trains her is atrocious. She can do lunges but yet can’t attempt to run? Anna is so happy when Bonnie is walking at 3.3- I mean COME ON… 3.3 is NOT fast. Sure maybe she can’t jog yet but at least push her to a more challenging walking pace. If she can walk up that hill at the end of the challenge she can do more then what Anna is having her do.

Game: This challenge was one of the more physical one’s so far this season. Black team and red team were pretty close but no surprise that the black team won. The blue team didn’t stand a chance from the beginning, and I found the inspirational music as they finished to be a tad cheesy.

I am glad they all got to read their letters from home and that the black team got videos. That is always a big inspiration and fun to watch their reactions. How cute is Joe’s wife. Loved them. And Sunny’s son was such a sweetheart. Antone’s daughter tearing up made me get a little teary eyed too.

Weigh in: Blue team loses- Bonnie gets to choose who goes home due to having the highest % of weight loss. She sends COACH MIKE HOME! Say good bye to the blue team. There is NO way that this team will survive with just Bonnie and Becky on it.

And that was week 4 in my opinion! A little on the cynical side but hopefully next week makes me happier 🙂

What were your opinions on this week’s episode? Who do you think Bonnie should have sent home?


Monday Night Workout

11 Oct

Sure most normal people look forward to Monday Night Football in the Fall. Not me, not this year.

Last week I blogged about doing an a quick run plus 200 reps of leg exercises. Last night I repeated this workout and I decided to make it my new Monday night tradition for October.

Workout goes like this: Run 3 miles getting progressively faster than do 50 regular squats, 50 plie squats, 50 lunges, and 50 deadlifts all with 10 lb weights.

Its short but intense. My new goal is going to be to do this workout every Monday in October and try to beat my previous week’s three-mile time.

Anyone want to join in?

If you’re not a runner you could always walk x amount of miles or do it on the elliptical. Heck you could always do it while watching Monday Night Football!