Biggest Loser: Episode 7

2 Nov

Dun Dun Dun the teams have changed! 

Quotes of the week: “Don’t be a cry baby” “Yeah Bonnie she’s 63, so what, your gonna work out like your 25 lady” 

Trainers: This week the participants had to choose their new trainers based on where they ended up in the calorie guessing challenge.

Anna’s team pretty much hates her at the beginning. Ramon calls her out on her relationship questioning from the week before and she pretty much says “get over it.” Joe trys to express his apprehension but Anna tells him to “not be a cry baby”, which did NOT go over well.

Luckily after their first workout Anna proved herself a little more and her team decided to support her as their new trainer. Was it just me or is this the first week Anna decided to be a trainer too? She never put Bonnie and Becky though workouts of the same intensity that she put her new team through.

Dolvett gets John on his team who is so upset without being with Bob that he starts crying. Luckily Dolvett sees this on a challenge to win Johns trust and loyalty.

Contestants: Pretty much everyone was pissed off this week. Antone and Jessica are the lucky ones this week in that they got to stay with their own trainers. Unfortunately they were both so hung up on losing their teammates they weren’t happy either.

Bonnie was ELATED to be away from Anna and ends up expressing her depression over losing her husband to Dolvett.

Challenge: Besides the calorie counting competition which placed the new teams there was also a slip and slide challenge in which John won immunity this week should the blue team lose. I’m going to have to agree with Antone, everything should be solved with rock paper scissors!

Weigh in: The red team starts off really well with a 15 lb loss from John and 7 lbs from Bonnie and Jessica. Bob gets a little cocky talking about how his team has never lost a weigh in. Vinny starts the black team off well with a 12 lb weight loss, then Becky loses the most weight she’s ever lost with 11 lbs and officially enters one-derland. Antone solidifies the black team’s victory over the red with a 16 lb weight loss.

Finally its the blue teams turn- they need to lose more than 10 lbs each! Sunny loses 9, then Ramon loses 16! Joe has to lose more than 6 lbs and he has immunity but lucky for the blue team he pulls a 15! This is definitely a power team.

So the red team loses. And sends JESSICA HOME! W.T.F!!!! I mean yes I think the romance sucks too but Bonnie is awful I cannot believe that they kept her. The older team was not supportive of the red team at all and I for-see some serious tension there.

Final Thoughts: I’m not ready to bite my tongue and say Anna is a miracle worker just because her team did so well. Those 3 players are some of the strongest left- they would have done well anywhere. I do think she actually started acting like a trainer this week and really pushed her contestants compared to the past 6 weeks.

Overall it was a one of my favorite episodes so far this season. What were your thoughts? 


3 Responses to “Biggest Loser: Episode 7”

  1. Karla November 2, 2011 at 9:00 am #

    I loved this episode too but I was so sad when they sent Jessica home. She was my absolutely favorite! I can’t stand Bonnie & wish she would’ve went instead.. great recap =)

    • Ashley November 3, 2011 at 8:25 am #

      I agree!! I loved Jessica.. the other players must not have liked the romance

  2. Heisler November 8, 2011 at 3:44 pm #

    Oh yes another BL lover! Man I hated that Bonnie stayed. I can’t handle her at all. LOL. Anna did better this week. But really it’s hard to watch her. She’s certainly no Bob, Jillian or Dolvette. I don’t think I’d be all that motivated by her. I’m sure getting the older team threw her off in the beginning – but still. Bonnie was a disaster though. Looking forward to tonight’s episode!

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