Biggest Loser Week 10

23 Nov

Sorry for the lack of #BL12 posts the past two weeks- I didn’t get to watch the show until later in the week and by that time thought a recap was too postdated.

Luckily this week I actually was able to watch the show on Tuesday night (1/2 hr delayed so I didn’t have to watch the commercials of course) and I am so glad I did- GREAT episode!

Trainers: Dolvett really had to kick John’s butt this week or else he was at risk of going home. The last thing this show needs is Dolvett to go home so I am really glad they managed to hold on for one more week.

Competitions: The Thanksgiving eating challenge was actually pretty gross. None of that food looked good! Lucky for him Vinny was able to win the 3 lb advantage and the rest of the contestants were left with excess calories to burn off.

The Jacob’s ladder challenge is always one of my favorites because the contestants actually have to do a lot of physical activity to win it. An hour and a half of any type of cardio is no joke but I am guessing it was very difficult on that thing. John winning the one pound advantage at this might actually do him more harm than good in the upcoming weeks.

Weigh in: So John has a terrible weight loss week but a 1 lb advantage. Then he selfishly gives Sunny the 1 lb disadvantage putting her and Ramon under the yellow line. I am with Antone on this one in that I was SHOCKED John went on to vote for Sunny. He knew she did not deserve to be up for elimination and yet he still tried to eliminate her?

I really hope he understands that if he is below the yellow line next week he is going home without question. But maybe he already knew that. Either way Ramon went home and the date they showed with Jessica was just too much for my cheesy quota.

Anyone else think Ramon is going to propose during the marathon?

Why do you think John so stupidly voted for Sunny?

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