Biggest Loser: Marathon Week

7 Dec

Finally the week we have all been waiting for: MARATHON WEEK!

When they first said that everyone was going to run a marathon this season I thought..yeah right. There is no way that every single contestant is going to be able to finish a marathon. And I was right- but dang Boston Johnny and Debbie walking that thing in over 10 hours that was impressive.

The episode started off with John, Becky, Vinny and Antone going home. I always love this part because it is so fun to see their family and friends reactions.

I didn’t love that John decided to not go back to work and is making his poor wife do everything for him just so he can focus on the finale. I understand that $250,000 is a ton of money so it’s probably worth it to him to not go back if he wins. It also makes it seem like he is going to gain all the weight back because he’s really not learning how to do it at home.

Vinnys proposal was super cute- good for them. Is it just me or did his girlfriend look much better in the pictures they showed of her all season? Either way they are a cute couple and I am happy for them.

The actual marathon wasn’t as exciting as years past because no one but the trainers came in and ran with them. Before they would have all kinds of old contestants and family members jump in-why not this year?

I wish Courtney would have won but since Ramon did I really hope he beats John at the finale. John is just way too intense for me!

And with that we only have one more episode until the finale. I can’t say I thought these Biggest Loser recaps were a blog hit- but I liked them!

What did you think of marathon week? 


One Response to “Biggest Loser: Marathon Week”

  1. Danielle December 7, 2011 at 10:44 am #

    I didn’t think marathon week was as exciting either. But, running or walking – most of them still finished the marathon. 13 more miles then I have ever done!

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