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Biggest Loser Season Finale #BL12

14 Dec

And the winner is…

The season finale! One of the best episodes of the whole show as you get to see all the amazing transformations all the contestants have made.

I really enjoyed how they did the finale this time around with not weighing in every individual person. I have NO idea how they still managed to make the show 2 hours without that but it seemed to go by faster.

I thought all the original red team members looked amazing. Jessica is HOT. Oh and on that note so is Patrick! I wanted him to win so bad. I knew he was going to be so cute at the end of this.

Top three contestants for the at home prize were: Vinny, Patrick and Jennifer.

Somehow Jennifer pulls out the win! She must have thought she would win Bob’s undying affection by winning. He did give her flowers though so I guess it worked. She didn’t show very much emotion at all which was disappointing you just won 100 GRAND- Smile at least!

And then came time for the finale three: Ramon, Antone and John.

Source: Google Images

They all looked amazing but you knew right away the prize was between John and Antone.

And the winner is… John! Ugh. I was #TeamAntone all the way so a little disappointed crazy John won. But hey if manages to keep it off for the next year then I will be very impressed.

And with that #BL12 is over. Apparently its only 4 weeks until the next season!

What did you think of the finale? Are you excited for just Dolvett and Bob to be the trainers next season?

Biggest Loser: Marathon Week

7 Dec

Finally the week we have all been waiting for: MARATHON WEEK!

When they first said that everyone was going to run a marathon this season I thought..yeah right. There is no way that every single contestant is going to be able to finish a marathon. And I was right- but dang Boston Johnny and Debbie walking that thing in over 10 hours that was impressive.

The episode started off with John, Becky, Vinny and Antone going home. I always love this part because it is so fun to see their family and friends reactions.

I didn’t love that John decided to not go back to work and is making his poor wife do everything for him just so he can focus on the finale. I understand that $250,000 is a ton of money so it’s probably worth it to him to not go back if he wins. It also makes it seem like he is going to gain all the weight back because he’s really not learning how to do it at home.

Vinnys proposal was super cute- good for them. Is it just me or did his girlfriend look much better in the pictures they showed of her all season? Either way they are a cute couple and I am happy for them.

The actual marathon wasn’t as exciting as years past because no one but the trainers came in and ran with them. Before they would have all kinds of old contestants and family members jump in-why not this year?

I wish Courtney would have won but since Ramon did I really hope he beats John at the finale. John is just way too intense for me!

And with that we only have one more episode until the finale. I can’t say I thought these Biggest Loser recaps were a blog hit- but I liked them!

What did you think of marathon week? 

Biggest Loser Week 10

23 Nov

Sorry for the lack of #BL12 posts the past two weeks- I didn’t get to watch the show until later in the week and by that time thought a recap was too postdated.

Luckily this week I actually was able to watch the show on Tuesday night (1/2 hr delayed so I didn’t have to watch the commercials of course) and I am so glad I did- GREAT episode!

Trainers: Dolvett really had to kick John’s butt this week or else he was at risk of going home. The last thing this show needs is Dolvett to go home so I am really glad they managed to hold on for one more week.

Competitions: The Thanksgiving eating challenge was actually pretty gross. None of that food looked good! Lucky for him Vinny was able to win the 3 lb advantage and the rest of the contestants were left with excess calories to burn off.

The Jacob’s ladder challenge is always one of my favorites because the contestants actually have to do a lot of physical activity to win it. An hour and a half of any type of cardio is no joke but I am guessing it was very difficult on that thing. John winning the one pound advantage at this might actually do him more harm than good in the upcoming weeks.

Weigh in: So John has a terrible weight loss week but a 1 lb advantage. Then he selfishly gives Sunny the 1 lb disadvantage putting her and Ramon under the yellow line. I am with Antone on this one in that I was SHOCKED John went on to vote for Sunny. He knew she did not deserve to be up for elimination and yet he still tried to eliminate her?

I really hope he understands that if he is below the yellow line next week he is going home without question. But maybe he already knew that. Either way Ramon went home and the date they showed with Jessica was just too much for my cheesy quota.

Anyone else think Ramon is going to propose during the marathon?

Why do you think John so stupidly voted for Sunny?

Biggest Loser: Episode 7

2 Nov

Dun Dun Dun the teams have changed! 

Quotes of the week: “Don’t be a cry baby” “Yeah Bonnie she’s 63, so what, your gonna work out like your 25 lady” 

Trainers: This week the participants had to choose their new trainers based on where they ended up in the calorie guessing challenge.

Anna’s team pretty much hates her at the beginning. Ramon calls her out on her relationship questioning from the week before and she pretty much says “get over it.” Joe trys to express his apprehension but Anna tells him to “not be a cry baby”, which did NOT go over well.

Luckily after their first workout Anna proved herself a little more and her team decided to support her as their new trainer. Was it just me or is this the first week Anna decided to be a trainer too? She never put Bonnie and Becky though workouts of the same intensity that she put her new team through.

Dolvett gets John on his team who is so upset without being with Bob that he starts crying. Luckily Dolvett sees this on a challenge to win Johns trust and loyalty.

Contestants: Pretty much everyone was pissed off this week. Antone and Jessica are the lucky ones this week in that they got to stay with their own trainers. Unfortunately they were both so hung up on losing their teammates they weren’t happy either.

Bonnie was ELATED to be away from Anna and ends up expressing her depression over losing her husband to Dolvett.

Challenge: Besides the calorie counting competition which placed the new teams there was also a slip and slide challenge in which John won immunity this week should the blue team lose. I’m going to have to agree with Antone, everything should be solved with rock paper scissors!

Weigh in: The red team starts off really well with a 15 lb loss from John and 7 lbs from Bonnie and Jessica. Bob gets a little cocky talking about how his team has never lost a weigh in. Vinny starts the black team off well with a 12 lb weight loss, then Becky loses the most weight she’s ever lost with 11 lbs and officially enters one-derland. Antone solidifies the black team’s victory over the red with a 16 lb weight loss.

Finally its the blue teams turn- they need to lose more than 10 lbs each! Sunny loses 9, then Ramon loses 16! Joe has to lose more than 6 lbs and he has immunity but lucky for the blue team he pulls a 15! This is definitely a power team.

So the red team loses. And sends JESSICA HOME! W.T.F!!!! I mean yes I think the romance sucks too but Bonnie is awful I cannot believe that they kept her. The older team was not supportive of the red team at all and I for-see some serious tension there.

Final Thoughts: I’m not ready to bite my tongue and say Anna is a miracle worker just because her team did so well. Those 3 players are some of the strongest left- they would have done well anywhere. I do think she actually started acting like a trainer this week and really pushed her contestants compared to the past 6 weeks.

Overall it was a one of my favorite episodes so far this season. What were your thoughts? 

Meeting Bob Harper

1 Nov

Last night concluded my October Monday Night Workout Challenge. Good News: I ran my fastest time yet with a 25:51. Bad News: I didn’t do the strength exercises because I was still so sore from last week.

Why was I sore from last week? Because Thursday night I went to my first core fusion class ever as part of a blogger meet up (even though Rachel didn’t make it 😦 ) and then Friday I worked out with..


Oh yes my one true love Bob Harper and I got to workout together and it.was.amazing. Sure there was 15 other people there but in my eyes it was just me and Bob.

I got to do it because one of the gyms my company owns was letting Quaker do a class there as a promo with Bob. The manager and I snuck in the class and were put through 45 minutes of glorious Bob Harper torture.

Never mind that I could barely walk all weekend from the combo of core fusion and Bob. My inner thighs are still sore 4 days later but otherwise I am feeling good.

Who is your celebrity fitness crush?

Mine is for sure Bob!

Biggest Loser Episode 6

26 Oct

Alternate Titles: “When Antone is afraid of a styrofoam graveyard” “The Romance is Revealed” “If you trick Bob you will lose” 

Trainers: This week the trainers all banded together to work with the contestants as it was a group weight loss challenge (100 lbs total). This Halloween themed episode even got the trainers dressing in costume!

Bob was able to get his hands on Bonnie and Vinny this week which was a good eye opener for those contestants. Bob pushed them harder than they’ve been pushed so far.

Antone said that Dolvett’s workout was the hardest of the three trainers and I’d have to agree. He is no joke.

Challenge: The challenge this week was for the contestants to collect 150-200 lbs of apples in 10 minutes while finding their way through a maze. If they did 150 then they got a 5 lb advantage, and if they did 200 they got a 10 lb advantage. With seconds to spare they made the 10 lb advantage which led them to only needed to lose 9 lbs apiece instead of 10.

Contestants: Jennifer was NOT making her any friends this week. She pretty much rejected the other trainers besides Bob and the other contestants were not happy about it..which will come back to bite her in the bootay..

The contestants decided to prank Bob and act like they ate 100 lbs of candy. He of course got back at them by making them push Sunny up a hill- kind of strange but super funny.

But the biggest story of the week was Jessica and Ramon’s budding romance. They were kissing and hugging and loving all over each other- who saw that one coming?! Oh and they dropped the I LOVE YOU already. This is big time and will be fun to watch unfold. Good thing psychiatrist Anna is watching out for them, oh wait they don’t want her advice- AT ALL. Fail Anna, fail.

Weigh In: The group needed to lose 90 lbs to all be safe- only 9 lbs per contestant. EPIC FAIL. First Sunny gains 5 lbs. Then Becky and Bonnie only lose 1 lb each and then Ramon loses only 2 lbs. No one has good numbers! Luckily John manages to get immunity for losing the most weight.

The elimination was pretty much as expected- Bye Bye Jennifer. Apparently negative energy and complaining doesn’t go over well  with the rest of the contestants. Now she can go worship Bob from home.

Biggest Loser: Episode 5

19 Oct

Today’s Biggest Loser recap has two special visitors: 

Jen and Jay from Season 11!

I met them at a conference this past week and was able to hear Jen speak about social media. So awesome to meet them!


Alternate Titles:When Bob Rode a Mechanical Bull” and “When Dolvett Got Pissed” 

Trainers: This week Sunny is chosen to go home for the week and Bob goes with her. Then Bob rode a mechanical bull and it. was. AWESOME! He was so nervous and cute the whole time- but he did really well!

Dolvett got a little pissed this week after Vinny’s stomach “cecil” starting dancing. He continues to show that he is an all around great trainer- I really hope he gets to stay for next season.

Anna: Anna was pretty meh this week. The only time they really showed her working with her two contestants was when Bonnie decided to reveal that she doesn’t even like Anna. Anna’s motivational speech did not work at all and Bonnie got more pissed. Her psycho analyzing of Bonnie is so beyond wrong (according to Bonnie) so its kind of funny to watch.

Contestants: Sunny got her a$$ kicked this week by Bob. Going home didn’t prove to be so much of a relaxing trip as she thought.

The black team continued to fight among themselves with out Bob there. If they ever lose a weigh-in Jennifer is going to get sent home for sure. She is just not making herself any friends this way.

Game: Besides Sunny going home for the week and being the only weigh-in that counted for her team the other challenge involved orange soda. Whichever team filled up their canister first with orange soda won the challenge and thank god for the Red Team they finally won! I don’t really get the orange soda thing- it was just gross!

I wonder if there will ever be a challenge that the blue team has a chance of winning.

Weigh In: Somehow the blue team managed to save themselves again with a strong performance from Becky. It seems like this team has one player excel each week and that is how they have been hanging on.. guess its Bonnie’s turn next week!

Sonny KILLED the weigh in losing 14 lbs! Apparently having Bob Harper watch your every move and give you individual workouts all week will make you lose crazy amounts of weight.

The poor red team. They had great weigh-ins but still managed to lose. The decision to send Courtney home was pretty safe. The other team members are all bigger and unhealthier then her. Unfortunately they didn’t send her home because of that- they sent her home because the boys are BFF’s and couldn’t vote for each other.

Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

What were your opinions of this week’s show?

Should Courtney have gone home?

How long will the blue team hold on for?