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My 7 Links

26 Jul

Yesterday the most wonderful Julie from PBFingers tagged me in the 7 links post that has been going around the blog world.

As soon as I saw this post I was really excited to do it because I really love a lot of my blog posts. I was so excited to re-share them with some of my new readers 🙂

Most Beautiful Post ♥

I think the post I wrote about my boyfriend Sean and I’s two year anniversary was probably my most beautiful. 

Most Popular Post

None of my blog posts have really been overwhelmingly popular but the one that got the most views was my Boot Camp Instructor Training Review. 

Most Controversial Post

I haven’t really had a super controversial post either but the post where I discussed how I dislike working out in the morning was the one that got the most comments opposing my views.

Most Helpful Post

My most helpful post would probably be any of my Workout Wednesday post’s especially my first circuit workout. I think my Workout Wednesday posts are a great way for people to get new exercise ideas or switch up their strength training routine!

Surprise Success 

I think the post that I was most surprised by was my “Puppy Fever” post.

Apparently google searchers find my blog A LOT now just by typing in bull dogs and boxers. Ever since I started putting pics of my new puppy up I always get a ton of comments on them.

Not Enough Attention

My post “In Defense of Trainers” did not get a ton of feed back but I really put a lot of time and effort into it. As a personal trainer it is a very strong subject for me when people bash my job. I would love for more people to check this post out and let me know their thoughts.

I also really liked my “Listen to Your Heart” post about using heart rate monitors and would love to get some more feedback on that.

Most Proud Of

The post I am Most Proud of is my Champaign Half Marathon Recap. Even though it was not the race I wanted to run the outpouring of blogger support and love was so awesome. I was very proud to complete my first half and hopefully in a few weeks I will have another awesome race recap!

And I share the 7 link love with some of you!