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Biggest Loser Season Finale #BL12

14 Dec

And the winner is…

The season finale! One of the best episodes of the whole show as you get to see all the amazing transformations all the contestants have made.

I really enjoyed how they did the finale this time around with not weighing in every individual person. I have NO idea how they still managed to make the show 2 hours without that but it seemed to go by faster.

I thought all the original red team members looked amazing. Jessica is HOT. Oh and on that note so is Patrick! I wanted him to win so bad. I knew he was going to be so cute at the end of this.

Top three contestants for the at home prize were: Vinny, Patrick and Jennifer.

Somehow Jennifer pulls out the win! She must have thought she would win Bob’s undying affection by winning. He did give her flowers though so I guess it worked. She didn’t show very much emotion at all which was disappointing you just won 100 GRAND- Smile at least!

And then came time for the finale three: Ramon, Antone and John.

Source: Google Images

They all looked amazing but you knew right away the prize was between John and Antone.

And the winner is… John! Ugh. I was #TeamAntone all the way so a little disappointed crazy John won. But hey if manages to keep it off for the next year then I will be very impressed.

And with that #BL12 is over. Apparently its only 4 weeks until the next season!

What did you think of the finale? Are you excited for just Dolvett and Bob to be the trainers next season?

Meeting Bob Harper

1 Nov

Last night concluded my October Monday Night Workout Challenge. Good News: I ran my fastest time yet with a 25:51. Bad News: I didn’t do the strength exercises because I was still so sore from last week.

Why was I sore from last week? Because Thursday night I went to my first core fusion class ever as part of a blogger meet up (even though Rachel didn’t make it 😦 ) and then Friday I worked out with..


Oh yes my one true love Bob Harper and I got to workout together and it.was.amazing. Sure there was 15 other people there but in my eyes it was just me and Bob.

I got to do it because one of the gyms my company owns was letting Quaker do a class there as a promo with Bob. The manager and I snuck in the class and were put through 45 minutes of glorious Bob Harper torture.

Never mind that I could barely walk all weekend from the combo of core fusion and Bob. My inner thighs are still sore 4 days later but otherwise I am feeling good.

Who is your celebrity fitness crush?

Mine is for sure Bob!