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The Game Plan

12 Aug

As you might have picked up on in my last couple long run posts I have experimented with using the Run/Walk method for this half marathon.

I only really did it on three runs, a 10 miler, my 12 miler, and my last long run of 8 miles.

I got the idea from reading about the Jeff Galloway method. Unfortunately I don’t actually have his book or specific training plan. Sean and I figured out that if you run 4 minutes at a 8:15 pace and walk 1 minute at a 15 min pace you will end up with around 9 min miles.

My goal for the half marathon? 9 min miles

So this is the plan.

I think I will run the whole first mile because I am sure it will be super crowded and I will be excited and not want to walk. I do realize that the plan works by you taking the walk breaks early so your legs don’t get worn down so I will take my first walk break at 9 min and then every 4 minutes after that.

I might try to adjust them slightly based on where the water stops are but we’ll see come race day how that works out. I also might try to run the last 2-3 miles straight out if I am still feeling good and am around my time goals.

In reality I just want to finish the half under 2 hours, and if that doesn’t happen then just try to have fun. After my first half marathon I was injured, I felt like crap and I was really upset with my race.

We are looking for only happiness this Sunday folks, pure happiness πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚