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Jenny Challenge Update

13 Dec

It’s amazing how much easier running gets when you just..run.

intelligent thoughts over here today folks.

There are only 12 days left until Christmas which means only 12 days left to reach 100 miles! Luckily I am at 60.8 as of today so it is looking doable.

I have done most my runs on the treadmill the past week- including a looong eight miler last Friday and 6.3 miles today. I have gotten pretty used to the treadmill now and don’t really see myself getting back outside as much now that it’s getting colder. Hey a run is a run right?

So 12 days and 39.2 miles until Christmas! Anyone else been running lately?

Time for the biggest loser season finale! See you in the morning for the recap!


Check out my new favorite headbandz- great for running!