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Puppy Update

15 Dec

Remember when I wrote this post and had great plans to write puppy updates every week?

Turns out that didn’t happen. Oops.

Charlie is now 5 1/2 months old and I have had him for 18 weeks. We just completed his first puppy class and he has mastered sit, stay, down, shake, high five and touch.

After a rough first two months something suddenly clicked around 3 months and Charlie got the hang of the whole potty training thing. He still has an occasional accident if we leave him out for too long- or if hes in a new house but for the most part he is doing really well.

We are finally done with all his puppy vaccinations and but Chuck has managed to keep us going back. Last week he developed a skin infection (no idea how) that required a vet visit, antibiotics, and medicated shampoo. This week he managed to hurt his tail to the point where he won’t sit down without crying. Luckily its getting better but he has been sooooo whiney this week.

Overall I feel like Charlie is a pretty good pup. He drives me crazy some times but hes a little love bug too. There is nothing better then snuggling up on the couch with him. Well until he starts whining and jumps off 5 minutes later…


Puppy Training 101

25 Aug

For the past few months my blog reading has been slacking. It has been competing with another subject that has become my obsession. Puppies.

Before I brought Charlie home I wanted to be as prepared as possible. I’ve probably googled “puppy training” and “house training” more than anything else and read just about every website on the topic.

Unfortunately none of the blogs I read on a daily basis have ever really done a post on training their dogs. Yet a TON of bloggers have dogs that they love dearly and share pictures of all the time. So I thought I would start a little series of posts on how its going training Charlie pup. So if you hate dogs or just don’t care about them..come back tomorrow!


I am by no means an expert and probably have no idea what I am talking about but I thought it might be fun to share my journey with you.

Housetraining: Right now we are trying to crate train Charlie. Sort of. He sleeps in his crate at night and then when we are going to be gone for a few hours. If he is going to be home for longer then 3 hours then we normally leave him baby gated in the kitchen because that is just too long for a pup his age to hold it (he’s 8 weeks and 3 days today). He’s still having tons of accidents right now but as long as we are watching him like a hawk he won’t go inside.

Sleeping: Charlie is such a baby so he sleeps a LOT. The first few nights he would wake up every few hours but for the past week he has been sleeping through the night no problem. He tends to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere.

Commands: Right now we are working on “sit” and he is doing pretty well. Golden doodles are supposed to be really smart dogs so hopefully he will pick up on things quickly!

Socialization: Charlie is too young to play with other dogs right now so I usually just pick him up when another one walks by. The vet did say he can be around dogs we know so I let him play with Sean’s dog and he was really scared of him.

Everything Else: Charlie is a super happy pup right now. He misses us dearly when we go to work but due to my sister and my roommates different schedules he’s not usually home for too long by himself. Sometimes he goes in to crazy puppy mode and won’t stop running and jumping but usually he is content to just hang out or play with his toys. He LOVES ice cubes too.

Are you interested in more Charlie updates as the weeks go on?

I would love for other bloggers to do their own puppy posts πŸ™‚

Meet Charlie

15 Aug

Thank you to everyone for your comments and tweets about the half! I will be posting my recap later on today..too much activity this weekend for one post.


Besides running the half marathon the other major event was picking up my puppy Charlie!

Sean and I woke up at 5:30 Friday morning, drove 4 hours to Milford, MI to get this bundle of joy.

He is pretty much the cutest thing in the world.

We had a much longer journey back because we stopped a few times due to puppy car sickness 😦

But ever since he’s been home he is doing great! He is eating really well and loves to play. He gets tired so easy and its so cute, he will just pass out anywhere.

This whole housetraining thing is going to be a challenge but as long as someone is watching him and taking him out consistently he should be fine. On Sunday he didn’t have any accidents inside so that was awesome!

Although he is most likely the cause of my exhaustion which led to a sucky race, I love him so much. I hope you guys like puppy pictures because this blog is about to be full of them!