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12 miles..check!

29 Jul

12 miles done and done! Now time to relax by the Michigan lakes all weekend 🙂


Week 5 Recap

28 Jun

This half-marathon is creeping up faster and faster. Oh and apparently June is almost over? So glad the weather in Chicago JUST decided to be nice.

This past week I really wanted to run 20 miles. I didn’t quite hit that but I did run 4 out of 6 days so that was a great success, I like you (thats my Borat impression).

  • Monday: 4.1 miles 35:57
  • Tuesday: 50 min bike ride
  • Wednesday: 3 naked miles
  • Thursday: 5 miles of fartlek 44:57
  • Friday: Easy bike and arm weights
  • Saturday: Proud to Run 10k 55:41
  • Sunday: 30 min walk/rest (just counting the walk for the 100 day challenge) 

Weekly total: 18.3 miles

Not exactly the 20 I was hoping for but close enough!


My plan for this week is a little messed up because I am flying to Nashville early Saturday morning for the holiday weekend. As of right now the goal is

  • Monday: 5 mile run (Check! It was slow but I did it)
  • Tuesday: Insanity or bike ride
  • Wednesday: 5-6 miles with some sort of speed work
  • Thursday: Elliptical or bike ride
  • Friday: 9-10 miles long
  • Saturday-Sunday: do my 30 minutes for the 100 day challenge in some legit way thats not just lifting a drink from the table to my mouth 🙂
If you are a runner how many days a week do you run?
What’s your suggestions for fitting in exercise on a weekend vacation focused around partying? 

Race Anxiety

4 Jun

When I first started running back in 7th grade I really enjoyed it.  I wasn’t very good at any other sports but I was a pretty decent runner so I made that my sport.  I never remember being overly nervous or anxious before a race.  I am sure I had plenty of nerves but all the other girls on my team tended to be basket cases and cry at the starting line so I was always more focused on them.

After High School track season ended I took a hiatus from running/racing. I was burnt out and wanted to try other forms of exercise.  I stairmastered and ellipticaled, and learned all about weight lifting as I became a personal trainer.  After college and moving to Chicago I decided I wanted to try to train for a race again. Enter the Hot Chocolate 5k.  I trained for 6 weeks with a goal of running a 21 min 5k.  I told this goal to all of my clients and friends.  The week before the race I ran a practice 5k in 22:30.

The night before the race came and I was a  hot mess. I was at home by myself and I just started crying. I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to run the race in my goal time and I would disappoint everyone I had told about it. Come race day I never saw the first mile marker. I mentally was so thrown off I thought there was no way I was on pace, I got discouraged and I even walked.  I ended up finishing in 24:55.

After that I decided to try a longer distance: The Champaign Half Marathon.  I trained for over 12 weeks. I got my dad and sister involved. I loved my long runs and watching my times drop while I got in better shape. I knew my goal for the race should be just to finish since it was my first half but I wanted to finish in a good time. I mentally set my goal at 1:55.

Once again the day before the race I was a hot mess. I cried off and on all day.  This time I felt more pressure because all my clients AND all my blog readers knew about my goals.  Plus my dad and sister, who did not train as hard as I did, were there so I had to do well and at least stay with them.

The race started and for the first 4 miles I felt great.  My hip started hurting around then and mentally I lost it. I knew I was going to have to stop and that would slow me down. As soon as I stopped for the first time it was all down hill. I can’t really be sure how much of that race was my hip hurting and how much of it was my mental games.

I have NO idea why I have all this anxiety with racing.  I know that no one really cares about my times besides me. I also know that I worked really hard in my training and I hate when my times don’t match that because I feel that everyone thinks I was lying about my training times.  So tomorrow I am running a 5k-for fun.  I am going to try my best but I am setting NO goals.  I have only been running for the past 2 weeks and I am not in the same good shape I was pre-half.  I am hoping the more races I do the easier it gets so come August when I do my next half marathon it will be smooth sailing.

How do you deal with Race Anxiety?