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12 miles..check!

29 Jul

12 miles done and done! Now time to relax by the Michigan lakes all weekend 🙂


10 miles and Week 9

24 Jul

It has been a wonderfully relaxing weekend. I did a lot of “sleep, eat, nap, repeat” oh and ran 10 miles.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to meet my friend Steven and his mom for our long run. We are all three doing the Rock n Roll half in just three short weeks (why so soon? ahhh) so we decided to run together.

It was already 80 degrees when we started running at 7:30 am and when we stopped for water the first time about two miles in I was already drenched with sweat. It was then that I realized this run might kind of suck.

We ended up stopping 4 times for water and I took half a GU at 5 miles but by about mile 8.5 I was so ready to be done. Luckily for me my running buddies encouraged me to push on and we finished out our 10 miles.

Overall one of the slowest long runs I’ve ever done but it was just so hot that I don’t even care. It was over 90 degrees when we finished. And I looked like I had stepped out of a pool I was so drenched in sweat.

The week ended up being pretty similar to last week except this week 3 out of my 4 runs were done on the treadmill.

  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: 5 miles (6 x800’s)
  • Tuesday: 10 mile bike ride
  • Wednesday: 5 miles
  • Thursday: 30 min weight videos
  • Friday: 3 miles
  • Saturday: 10 miles
Weekly Total: 23 miles
With only 3 weeks to go until the race I am hoping next week will be my highest mileage week yet! I want to get in a long run of 12 miles and a mid-week run of 6.
I hope it is not as hot on race day as it was yesterday. The race does start at 6:30 am though so that helps.
Any tips on how to deal with long runs in the heat?

Long Run and A Cubs Game

15 Jul

Yesterday I set out on my long run at 3:30 pm. Smart idea? Probably not. It was 80 degrees and sunny but there was a nice breeze which was pretty clutch.

The goal was to do 10 miles but after my horrible run last week I really just wanted to see what I could do.

Before setting off on my run I spent some time researching the Jeff Galloway run/walk method. I really do enjoy walking breaks, I just wasn’t sure what the best way to take them was without killing my time.

Well I couldn’t figure out the exact method (I can’t find anywhere what pace you are supposed to do the run intervals at!) so after a quick text to my smarty pants boyfriend he figured out that if I ran 4 min at an 8:11 pace than walked 1 min at 15:00 min mile pace I could finish 10 miles in 90 min (9 min mile pace).

I really have no idea what my running pace was, I just know I was trying to run fast, then recover with the 1 min walk breaks.

Overall I’d say this was a success! I was a little slower than I wanted (9:18 pace) but since this was the first time using this method I think if I can practice it a little more I might be able to do a sub 2 hour half in a few weeks! I am going to try to buy Jeff’s book this weekend so I can read up on how to do the method correctly.


After my run I had to hurry up and shower because Sean and I had plans to go to the cubs game!

It was bobble head night and he has a slight obsession with them. Lucky for him we got there just in time for him to grab one. Unlucky for me he got the last one.

My stomach felt pretty terrible the whole time. Probably because I ate this for dinner…

Chili Cheese Bison Dog

It was a beautiful night for a baseball game..

Unfortunately I was so wiped out I spent most of the game like this..

I definitely did NOT refuel properly after my run (all I had to eat was that hotdog, a 32 oz Gatorade and a few fries) but I just couldn’t eat anything else. No worries, I am sure I will eat plenty this weekend to make up for it!


Time to get ready for a sad Friday Night Lights finale 😦 We are making appetizers and having drinks as we say good-bye to my true love Coach Taylor.

Are you a Friday Night Lights fan?

Any experience with the run/walk method? 

June in Review

1 Jul

Workout: 9 miles, 9:20 pace. I had to get my long run in before traveling to Nashville tomorrow! This run was easier then I thought it would be. I stopped twice for water and took a GU at mile 6. I only walked one time too which was a huge improvement from my last few long runs.


The month of June went by SO quickly. Since I have gotten back into regular running this month I figured I should re-cap it for you all.

This month was a big step up from May when I only ran 18.5 miles (I was recovering from a hip injury). I am also excited about it because I did TWO races and was happy with both of them. I think my race anxiety is improving a lot.
Today I also figured out my year in review so far: 396.9 miles ran! I am thinking maybe I should start a challenge for myself..goal to run 800 miles this year..or maybe 1000?
July should be a good running month as I continue to train for the Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Cross your fingers for no injuries and strong long runs!
How was your exercise in the month of June?
Anyone else have a yearly mileage goal? What should mine be? 
Day 28: 50 min weights/elliptical
Day 29: 84 min run- 9 miles