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Workout Wednesday: Quick and Dirty

31 Aug

For this week’s Workout Wednesday I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to fit a workout in when you are short on time. Like I mentioned yesterday, my life is super crazy these days and it is making it hard for me to spend a lot of time working out.

So what to do when you are short on time? Do one of the following workouts, they are fast and effective and sure to get you sweating.

  • 5K Treadmill workout: An easy way to get a good speed workout in is to do a quick 5k on the treadmill. Start off at your easy pace and increase every few minutes until you get down to your 5k goal pace, or just a little faster. I guarentee by the end of the 3.1 miles you will be just as out of breath as an easy 5 miler, if not more.
  • Weight Circuit: Pick 8-10 exercises and do them for a minute each. Set the exercises up so they are easy to transition to. Body weight exercises work best for this. Example: Squats, lunges, pushups, sit ups, jumping jacks, tricep dips, mountain climbers, burpees.
  • Cardio Blast: Incorporate a few different types of cardio into one workout. Example: Run 1 mile, do 5 minutes of intervals on the elliptical, 5 minutes of Jump Rope, then end with 1 more mile.
What is your workout this Wednesday?

Workout Wednesday

17 Aug

Hi Friends. It’s been awhile since I gave you a legit workout Wednesday so heres one for ya.

This workout is all based on Kettlebells. I absolutely love using kettlebells because they are such a versatile piece of equipment. You can get a full body strength and cardio workout by using just one 10-15 lb kettlebell.

Start with a 10 min cardio warm up, perform that circuit x 3 and end with a 10 min cooldown. You will have a complete total body workout in a short amount of time!
What is your workout this Wednesday?

Workout Wednesday

10 Aug

Happy Wednesday friends! Only two more days until the pup arrives 🙂


For this week’s Workout Wednesday I wanted to talk about feelings. You know when you feel all mushy gushy inside? Those types of feelings.

Don’t worry I have a point to this.. The other day I got this comment from one of my loyal readers Kath 

As I pondered this question I came up with a few different answers.

Sometimes I feel awesome after my workouts. Sometimes I feel like I am going to die, but most the time I’d say I just feel accomplished.

I don’t really get a “runners high” after running but I do normally feel more relaxed, less stressed, and calmer then when I started. I also always feel a sense of accomplishment, especially after long runs. I think the fact that I can run 10 miles, or 12 miles, or a half marathon is pretty darn cool.

After my weight workouts, or cross training workouts I usually feel happy. I am happy to have fit a workout in that day, happy to have taken a break from my work day and sweated it out a little bit. These workouts don’t leave me exhausted like some running workouts do but they still have their purpose.

I tend to feel miserable after speed workouts, or really long runs when I didn’t fuel properly. With that misery is still that overwhelming sense of accomplishment because these are my hardest workouts. Sure they leave me crawling for my bed and wanting to avoid walking at all costs, but that total body fatigue feeling is sometimes pretty great.

Overall I’d say that how I feel about my workouts can pretty much be summed up by a quote Ali, who writes one of my favorite running blogs, frequently uses..

“You never regret a workout”

So true.

What was your workout today and how did you feel after?

Workout Wednesday

3 Aug

Sorry for being MIA blog friends..moving into this new apartment is taking over my life! Plus being without internet makes blogging really hard.

So for a quick Workout Wednesday post check out this article I wrote on BOSU ball exercises. 

I love using the BOSU ball and find it an extremely effective tool for making your strength training more challenging and really working your balance and core.

Try some of these exercises and let me know what you think!

What is your Workout this Wednesday?

Workout Wednesday

20 Jul

Ever since getting a brand new bike in May I have been doing most my summer cross training via bike rides. I normally just go out and ride my bike for 45-60 minutes and call it a day.

I am not a pro on cycling by any means, but I have been doing a little reading up on different biking workouts so here is one for you to try!

Total Time: 60 min

  • Warm-up– Easy cycling 10 min
  • Intervals: Ride fast for 3 min (HR zones 80-85%) then recover for 2 min (HR zones 60-70%)
  • Do a total of 8 intervals
  • Cool-down: Ride easy for 10 minutes to let your HR return to normal
Try it out and let me know what you think! If you are looking for a strength workout make sure to check out all the past Workout Wednesday posts.

Workout Wednesday

13 Jul

For today’s Workout Wednesday post I bring you a very simple workout. Simple, but not easy.

I found a similar workout to this in a Men’s Health article about a year ago. The other day when I was brainstorming workouts for my clients to do I remembered it in all its sweaty glory.

The work out consists of 3 exercises: Burpees, Kettlebell swings and crunches (or sit ups if you can).

You start by doing 15 reps of each exercise in a row (15 burpees then 15 Kettlebell swings then 15 crunches). After you complete 15 reps then you do 14, then 13, then 12… All the way down to 1!

This workout is guaranteed to get your heart rate up and burn some serious calories. It is also the perfect workout to do when you are in a time crunch! If you do it with minimal rest it should take 20-25 minutes.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Workout Wednesday

6 Jul

Today’s feature muscle group is: the back muscles! I am just going to share some general suggestions for back exercises even though there are actually a lot of different muscles in your back and a lot of ways to target specific ones. The most common exercises target your lat’s (latisimus dorsi) your deltoids, and your erector spinae muscles (the muscles that line your spinal cord).

Some of my favorite back exercises include

Combine these with some of your bicep, tricep and shoulder exercises for a well rounded upper body workout!
What is your workout this Wednesday?