Workout Wednesday

As a Certified Personal Trainer I love making up workouts and helping others.  As always I don’t encourage anyone to start a new workout plan without a doctors consent.

Feel free to use any of these workouts for your own use but please give me credit when sharing/distributing to others.

Here are some new workouts I have developed for my Workout Wednesday posts.

4/6/2011 Strength and Cardio Circuit 1

4/13/2011 Treadmill Intervals

4/20/2011 Strength and Cardio Circuit 2

4/27/2011 Leg Strength Workout

5/4/2011 Tank Top Arms

5/11/2011 6 Pack Abs

5/18/2011 Total Cardio

5/25/2011 101 Edition Workout

6/8/2011 Focus on: Shoulders

6/22/2011 Focus on: Biceps and Triceps

6/29/2011 Cardio variety

7/6/2011 Focus on: Back 

7/13/2011 Men’s health workout

7/20/2011: Biking Workouts

7/27/2011 Stretching

7/3/2011 BOSU Workout

8/10/2011 Workout Feelings

8/17/2011 Kettlebell Workout

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